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August 14, 2019

Questions to Ask Before Installing Black Kitchen Cabinets


black kitchen cabinetsIf you are partial to the look of contemporary decorating, then black kitchen cabinets may very well be a good choice for your next home remodeling project.  However, even if you like the style, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be an ideal fit for the room itself.  There are many different factors that need to be considered before installing black kitchen cabinets and several questions that you should be asking before you make your purchase. These questions are as follows.

Does the room have adequate lighting for black kitchen cabinets?

One of the most common mistakes made when decorating with black kitchen cabinets is to incorporate them into a room that does not have the right kind of lighting.  If the room doesn’t have a lot of natural light, brightness, or is simply dim overall, then black kitchen cabinets will likely not be a very good fit without making some extensive lighting changes.  This is because dark lighting in combination with black kitchen cabinets makes a room look even darker and more like a cave than an appealing part of a home.  Instead of adding flair to your kitchen, black kitchen cabinets will work to make it appear bland and unattractive.

To resolve this problem either change your window treatments to let in a great deal more natural light, or invest in some much brighter lights.  This might require replacing the room’s lighting fixtures or could simply mean buying brighter light bulbs.  Keep in mind that every type of lighting fixture has a maximum bulb wattage and it’s important not to exceed that in the attempt to brighten things up.  This project can be done quite inexpensively if you shop for sales and discounts.

Will your appliances suit black kitchen cabinets?

Another place in which homeowners often struggle with the proper use of black kitchen cabinets is in matching them with the rest of the elements of the room.  Even if the countertops are being replaced and you know that the floors are ideal, it is critical not to forget that the appliances also have their own look and they may or may not be compatible with the style and appearance of black kitchen cabinets.  Before making the decision for your cabinet color, have a look at your fridge, stove, microwave, coffee maker, and other visible pieces of the kitchen that you don’t intend to replace.  You should also keep your sink in mind, as it also contributes to the final look. 

If you have stainless steel appliances, the odds are that you will be very happy with the way your kitchen looks with black kitchen cabinets.  However, if you have black appliances, you may find that the dark color is simply too overwhelming for the room.  Conversely, if your appliances are white, make sure that you will be working with a contrasting color theme between black and white or it will be the appliances that stand out, not the cabinetry, and there will be no cohesiveness to the final appearance as a whole.

If your appliances do not suit the look of black kitchen cabinets there are a few things that you can do.  The most costly option would, of course, be to replace all of your appliances.  Another option is to check the design of your large appliance models.  Many brands offer reversible or replaceable faces or fronts that will allow you to change the exterior color of the device without buying a whole new machine.  

Should your black kitchen cabinets be wood or metal?

In terms of the material that you use for your black kitchen cabinets, the choice is yours depending on the look and functionality that you want.  Black kitchen cabinets made out of wood still offer the warmth associated with that material, even though the color is dark.  Many homeowners also prefer the overall feel of wood.  That said, black kitchen cabinets made out of metal will often provide greater scratch and dent resistance.

By installing black kitchen cabinets you will be making a dramatic change to the overall appearance to the room.  By asking the right questions and following the correct instructions, you’ll be sure to be happy with the results.

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