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August 14, 2019

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adding Black Kitchen Carts to Your Decor 


black kitchen cartsThough your decision for black kitchen carts may have been primarily based on its function, there is something important to be said about adding that particular color to your décor.  It can make a bold statement in many kinds of decorating styles, though it is most commonly used for modern and contemporary looks. 

That said, it is not the right look for every kitchen.  There are certain things that are important to ask yourself before bringing in statement pieces like black kitchen carts.  Go over each of the following questions and ask them of yourself and your own room before you make your purchase, to help to make certain that you will be happy  with what you buy.

Question 1: Will black kitchen carts provide your décor with a contrasting color?

Since black kitchen carts provide a color that makes a statement, you want to make sure that you’re adding contrast to the room and not simply adding yet another piece in the same color.  This is because the aim of using black kitchen carts is to feature that piece of furniture while making the contrasting pieces – such as white cabinetry, for example – stand out.  Black kitchen carts are typically most attractive in a room that already contains a lot of white, black’s most contrasting color.   Though this piece doesn’t need to be the only black furniture in the room, make sure that you aren’t swamping the room in dark colors or none of the features will stand out and it will appear drab overall.  Be very careful with contrast when you choose to add any black element to your kitchen.

Question 2: Is your room light and large enough to handle black kitchen carts?

Black kitchen carts are, of course, a very dark color.  While this is very attractive in some rooms, it does require a certain amount of light and space in order to be able to manage it.  Black kitchen carts are terrific for rooms that have a lot of windows providing natural light or that are simply exceptionally well lit.  After all, you don’t want the dark color to overwhelm and make your kitchen look like a cave.  That said, the reason that the size of the room is so important is a similar one.  Since darker colors make a room look smaller, if you add black kitchen carts to a room, it may make the space appear to shrink.  Before you choose this shade, make sure the room can handle it.

Question 3: Do you want completely black kitchen carts or should you mix it up?

Just because completely black kitchen carts aren’t right for your décor, it doesn’t mean that you need to rule out the color altogether.  You may just need to mix it up a little.  Consider a black base with a sleek grey granite countertop.  Or, think of a black base with a warm wooden counter such as maple, cherry, or oak.  You could even add dramatic contrast to the piece itself by adding white accents to black kitchen carts.  Perhaps only the counter of the cart should be black and the base should be another material such as 18/8 stainless steel. You can also add metallic colors to the look by choosing hardware, such as drawer pulls, casters, and cupboard handles, in different metals.  Popular choices to complement black kitchen carts include brushed steel, nickel plated, chrome, and 16 gauge stainless steel.  There are many different options that can help you to incorporate black into your styles without overdoing it.

By asking yourself these questions and paying attention to the styles of the room to which you will be adding the black kitchen carts, you can make sure that you are achieving the crisp, contemporary look that you were hoping for, instead of having to settle for a dark, dungeon appearance and an overall gloomy feel.

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