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August 09, 2020

The 4 Advantages Of Butcher Block Carts In A Kitchen


butcher block cartsAs you shop around for helpful furniture for your kitchen, butcher block carts should make their way to the top of your list.  This is because this single piece adds a tremendous number of features to the room.  Moreover, this versatility is mobile because it is designed into a cart, as opposed to a stationary island or a countertop.  As you discover all of the benefits associated with butcher block kitchen carts, you will soon find that they are the ideal furniture to add to any kitchen décor.

Advantage 1: Butcher block carts are top quality cutting boards

As butcher block carts are made from wooden butcher block, they are automatically an ideal location for food prep.  The material is a smooth surface that will not dull your knives.  If it is kept as a dedicated food preparation station, a knife block and spice rack can be built into it for ease and convenience in creating family meals. 

Advantage 2:  Butcher block carts go where you need them to be

These kitchen carts often come with heavy duty casters that allow you to wheel them about.  This way, butcher block carts add versatility to the way you can prepare food and to the function of your kitchen itself.  Once you have prepared the food by chopping vegetables or slicing meat, you can then bring it to the next station; for example, the stove.  This is handy in a large kitchen, or in a kitchen that backs onto a patio or deck, so that you can bring your prepared food directly out to the barbeque.  For that matter, you can also do your food prep outdoors and toss it directly onto the grill.

Advantage 3: Butcher block carts reduce kitchen clutter

By keeping all of the food preparation items in one place, you can keep your countertops clear and maintain a clutter-free kitchen.  To make the most out of this advantage, keep all of the common food prep tools handy on the kitchen cart itself.  For example, choose butcher block carts with knife blocks, towel bars, spice racks, and storage underneath where you can keep additional items and a garbage bin for the waste trimmed away during food prep.  With everything in one place, your countertops will be clear and ready for serving, plating, and the use of small appliances.

Advantage 4:  Butcher block carts are attractive

Among all of the practical features associated with butcher block carts, it should not be overlooked that this type of furniture is also visually appealing.  As they are highly popular, they are available in a number of different styles, which allows you to choose just the right one to suit your kitchen décor.  For example, for a room with a country style, you may choose a kitchen cart made entirely out of wood such as maple or oak.  Alternately, in a modern kitchen, you might like butcher block carts that consist of a wood cutting board set into a stainless steel frame. 

These four advantages of adding butcher block carts to your kitchen can help you to infuse significant practicality into your room’s décor.

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