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August 09, 2020

Butcher Block Countertops Pros And Cons In Your Kitchen


butcher block countertopsWhen you consider installing a new counter into your kitchen, you need to examine the benefits and shortfalls of the material, such as butcher block countertops pros and cons.  After all, while there are a lot of positives to owning a counter made out of this type of material, it is important to know the downside, as well, so that you will be prepared and you will know that you’re making the right final decision. 

Butcher block countertops: the good side

Among the butcher block countertops pros and cons  there are a very large number of positive things to say about this addition to your kitchen.  Consider the following before making your purchase:

  • You can choose to be environmentally friendly – When considering butcher block countertops, one of the most popular pros is that it is possible to make choices that are eco friendly.  There are many ways in which to do this.  The first is to use reclaimed or recycled lumber.  This provides an option that is safe to both your food preparation and the planet.
  • They provide practical beauty – The attractive appearance of butcher block countertops is certainly among its better features.  The wood is as appealing as any of the highest quality natural stones, such as granite and marble. Though neither natural stone nor wood are as easy to keep sterile as a substance such as solid surface or stainless steel, wood’s beauty is just as appealing, and carries the added benefit of natural disinfectants within each of its cells.  This clean material provides an organic aesthetic dimension to a room’s décor that cannot be matched by any of the colder high end materials.
  • No cutting board required – one of the elements of butcher block that makes it an extremely desirable surface is that food can be prepared directly upon it.  Whether chopping or slicing, the work of the knife on the counter will not harm it, nor will the knife be dulled.  There are extremely few materials about which the same thing can be said.
  • Affordability – among high quality countertops, the price can be among both the butcher block countertops pros and cons.  The true feature is that you have the choice as to how much you want to spend.  Factors such as the type of wood and whether you choose pre-made or custom-made give you complete control over whether or not these counters work in your budget.
  • Maintenance – as long as you keep your countertop clean, sand its dents, scratches, and burn marks, and oil it regularly, there is no major maintenance required for this material.  This makes it extremely easy to keep over time.

Butcher block countertops: the bad side

While there are many advantages, among the butcher block countertops pros and cons, it remains important to get to know what the problems might be, as well:

  • Easily dented – though this surface is meant for cutting and chopping, as it is made out of wood it can be easily dented – especially if it is made out of a softer species.
  • Cleaning must be done carefully – though it isn’t hard to clean butcher block, it does require a great deal of care while you’re doing it.  Furthermore, you must make sure that it is oiled or otherwise treated in order to prevent irreparable damage which can occur.  While this isn’t hard to do, it definitely takes more effort than some other materials such as laminate or solid surface.
  • The look changes over time – though not everyone would find this a negative about butcher block countertops, if you buy your counter with a certain appearance in mind for matching your kitchen décor, you may find it frustrating because it will start to show evidence of wear over time.  But again, many people may enjoy a countertop that has a beautiful rustic look.

By knowing these butcher block countertops pros and cons, you can now determine if it will be the right match for your kitchen, taste, and décor.  You’ll also know if you are ready for the maintenance required, and will understand the value that you are getting for your money.

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