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August 14, 2019

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Bamboo Butcher Block Countertops


butcher block countertopsWhen you’re seeking a beautiful, practical, and sustainable surface option for your kitchen, bamboo butcher block countertops may be precisely what you’ve been waiting to find.  It is among the few building materials that can honestly label themselves as “sustainable” today.  Moreover, it is highly customizable depending on whether the end grain or the face grain has been utilized.  The colors can vary from dark caramel to extremely light, depending on the finish that has been chosen.

Reason 1: butcher block countertops made from bamboo are greener than hardwood

Though hardwood butcher block countertops are beautiful, they come from trees that simply don’t grow as quickly as bamboo.  Bamboo grows exceptionally fast – at a rate of up to one foot every day – so that every year can offer several harvests.  This is because they way that bamboo grows is much more similar to grass than to an actual tree.  As the stalk has a vast root system, it takes only a day for another shoot to appear when the first stalk has been cut away.  Conversely, when a hardwood tree is chopped down, another tree will not grow from its stump.  As awareness, education, and eco friendly home renovations become increasingly popular, so do bamboo butcher block countertops.

Reason 2: bamboo butcher block countertops can be cheaper than other woods

When compared to common species of wood used for butcher block countertops, - such as maple, cherry, oak, or redwood – bamboo provides an extremely affordable alternative.  It should also be considered that bamboo is up to 20 percent harder than some common woods such as maple, making it more durable and allowing it to have a longer life.  This significantly increases its value.

Reason 3: butcher block countertops made out of bamboo are uniquely beautiful

Butcher block countertops that are manufactured from bamboo have an appearance and style that is unlike any other material and will give your kitchen d├ęcor a unique flair.  The parquet style of end-grain butcher block countertops made out of bamboo will suite just about any style of decorating while remaining extremely easy to care for and providing a professional cutting surface unlike any other.  The colors available are as light as pale beige and as dark as a rich caramel, making sure that there is a full range from which to choose.

Reason 4: bamboo butcher block countertops are like having a built-in cutting board

The durability of butcher block countertops lets you do all of your chopping and slicing directly against the counter without damaging either the surface or the knife.  As long as you keep the surface clean, it is extremely long lived and easy to maintain.

As a beautiful, practical, and sustainable material, butcher block countertops made out of bamboo allow you to enjoy all the benefits you would have in a traditional hardwood, but at a better price and without the guilt of having harmed the environment in your kitchen remodeling.  It is easy to see why it is becoming such a popular part of the market and isn’t simply limited to cooking utensils, flooring, and furniture anymore.

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