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August 09, 2020

3 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Butcher Block Islands


butcher block islands Butcher block islands are a wonderful piece of furniture to add beauty and function to your kitchen in a unique way that can suit virtually any d├ęcor.  To make sure that they suit your kitchen in both style and performance, there are a few things that you need to consider. 

Remember that there are a wide range of different types of butcher block kitchen islands and a number of varieties of surface materials.  To be able to make an informed decision, there are a number of steps that you can follow.  Use the following steps to consider all of the important points for bringing home the right butcher block islands for your kitchen.

Step 1 – determine the size of the butcher block islands for your kitchen

The size of butcher block islands will play a very important role in their practicality and beauty.  The amount of room that your kitchen has to offer will be critical to deciding the proper dimensions.  After all, if you choose butcher block islands that are too small, you won’t have enough workspace and the furniture might look silly floating in the middle of too much open space.  That said, if it is too large, it may be awkward to try to move around it, could stop you from being able to open cupboards or appliance doors, and could generally be more of a hindrance than a help.  Make certain that you have a minimum of 36 inches from any side of the butcher block islands to nearby walls, appliances, or cabinets.  If you will be adding a seating area to your butcher block islands, add even more to the minimum amount of space needed for the chairs or stools and to be able to walk around the people who are sitting in them.

Step 2 – choose the height of your butcher block islands

The height of your butcher block islands will have a big impact on the amount of storage space you’ll have underneath, the type of lighting or hanging features that can be installed above them, and how comfortable chopping and slicing will be on its surface.  Depending on the height of the main chef who will be using the surface, and taking the height of the other family members into consideration, you will usually want a surface height of between 32 and 34 inches.

Step 3: consider features that will make butcher block islands convenient

If you intend to use butcher block islands for their designed purpose – food preparation such as chopping and slicing – then you may wish to include additional features that will make them more pleasant and convenient to use.  This includes knife racks or a knife block, a towel bar, a spice rack, and a garbage bin under the counter.  This way, you won’t need to cross your kitchen to obtain the items you need to do your food prep on this cutting board surface.

By following these steps and you’ll know that your butcher block islands is suited to your needs and kitchen.  Combine the surface with a frame or cabinetry and hardware that matches the rest of your kitchen to ensure that its style will be a perfect complement.

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