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March 29, 2020

How to Choose the Best Corian Countertop Colors for Your Kitchen 


corian countertop colorsDuPont has been making a wide range of Corian countertop colors for as long as it has offered the product.  However, these days, there are many more options than there were more than forty years ago when it first hit the market.  It continues to offer its ranges of solid and stone-like Corian countertop colors, but has also added modern options such as metallics. The entire collection has now reached more than 130 different options, so there is certain to be something to suit your kitchen.  That said, with so many options, actually having to decide which one is the right one can be rather daunting.  Not to worry.  There are a few things that you can do to make the process easier and narrow down  your choices to a much manageable level.

Choosing Corian countertop colors: get to know your options

Begin your hunt for the right Corian countertop colors by having a look at the samples of the colors that are available.  This will allow you to begin to get an idea of what your options are and you may find that you can rule out entire groups right from the start.  For example, you may know that you want a dark colored surface, which automatically rules out all of the very light ones.  Don’t miss the latest additions, such as the new metallic colors that have little metallic flecks, or the new crisper and bolder Designer White shade that is being offered with contemporary designs in mind.

Choosing Corian countertop colors: find out what’s popular

Though only you can choose the Corian countertop colors that are perfect for your kitchen, you may want to have a look at the most popular shades that are being sold right now.  This is because they may reflect the looks that match the designs that are in style at the moment.  If your décor is up to date, then it may be a natural fit for one of the most popular Corian countertop colors.  Currently, the top selling options are:

        Silt – a smooth tone of brownish black that brings to mind sand silt.

        Granola – a nutty shade of tan-brown that is comparable to the color of granola.

        Platinum – a brighter form of beauty in a sleek platinum color.

        Blue Ridge – a crisp, deep blue-black color that steers away from earthier shades.

        Moss – a black color with a subtle green working its beauty throughout.

        Fossil – a natural, luminous bone shade of counter.

        Sandstone – a rich, natural shade of light-to-medium brown.

Choosing Corian countertop colors: pick your décor style

What type of kitchen style are you hoping to create?  By answering this question, you will be able to focus in on your choices much more easily.  Were you hoping for a neutral feel in a kitchen with earthier tones or did you want the crispness of a modern style?  Were you hoping for something subtle or are you seeking a bold statement in a strong color?  Think about the flexibility of the Corian countertop colors in case you want to change the décor of the room in the future without performing a full kitchen remodeling.  Will the Corian countertop colors you’re considering suit the changes you make to the room throughout the seasons?  These are all questions that you can ask to allow you to reduce your options until you have reached only one.

Choosing Corian countertop colors: bring the samples home

As much as it may feel as though you can make your selection from memory and imagination alone, it is extremely helpful to bring home samples of Corian countertop colors.  You may be very surprised to see how they actually look in the room and how you may actually find that you are almost immediately drawn to one that you simply love.  Don’t forget to compare the color to your floor, cabinetry, and walls, as well as any other prominent pieces in the room.  

Counters are a large an important investment into a kitchen remodel, and selecting your Corian countertop colors is a large part of that.  Take your time and get to know the samples to be confident in your choice.

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