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March 29, 2020

How to Get the Lowest Corian Countertop Prices 


corian countertop prices When you are planning your kitchen remodeling, you may have been looking into Corian countertop prices to decide whether or not you can afford them.  The truth is that Corian countertop prices are actually highly affordable, especially considering that they are most frequently compared to granite slab countertops and not other man-made slabs.  Among the factors that keep Corian countertop prices so low is in the way that it is manufactured.  This innovative material is poured and set into any length and shape that you want, with the backsplash included, all in a single piece with no seams. 

With these affordable Corian countertop prices, you can not only choose this luxury material, but also be as  creative as you want when designing the counter.  Of course, that’s all easy enough to say, but how can you truly be sure that you can fit this counter into your budget and know that you’re getting the very best price?  Use the following information to discover it for yourself.

Corian countertop prices: compare with the cost of other luxury surfaces

Though the material is essentially a man made polymer substance that is manufactured by DuPont, there are still different kinds of Corian and therefore different levels of Corian countertop prices.  No matter which one you choose, you will still find that it is cheaper than granite, quartz, or marble counters.  This means that right off the bat, you’re getting a cheaper price on a luxury product.  One reason that the price is lower is that it is simply a cheaper product to manufacture.  Due to the way it is made – typically by pouring – less waste materials result from the process.  It also isn’t as prone to cracking and breaking as stone slabs.  Also, while a professional still needs to install this product, it is much easier to work with than stone slabs, keeping the installation fees lower.

Corian countertop prices:  understand the factors that impact the final cost

By getting to know where the various costs come from in order to calculate Corian countertop prices, you can take steps to ensure a quality product and installation and still find a discount here and there. The price of the materials will vary from one provider to another, but that shouldn’t be the only factor that you consider.  Remember that even if you find the lowest possible price for materials, if the contractor does a terrible job, takes forever to install the counter, or provides bad customer service, it won’t be worth the cheap Corian countertop prices.  Instead, start with the price of materials, but also factor in the cost of the finish you want, the fee to install it, and the reputation of the company you’re considering.

Corian countertop prices:  know how to spot a good estimate

Once you have checked on the reputation of the companies you are considering for their Corian countertop prices, you should educate yourself regarding the prices that you should expect.  The following estimates are ballpark figures that can be used as guides to help you obtain an idea regarding where your Corian countertop prices should fall, depending on your region and the type of Corian you want.  Each of these ranges in Corian countertop prices is based on a typical 28 square foot counter with a 5 square foot backsplash:

        Corian Lava Rock with a bevel edge and cut out for a 10” by 16” double bowl sink: $2,351 to $3,265.

        Corian Lava Rock with a bevel edge and a cut out for a 22” by 16” sink: $2,434 to $3,380.

        Corian Burnt Amber with a bullnose edge and a cut out for a 22” by 16” sink: $2,261 to $3,140.

        Corian Abalone with a bevel edge and a cut out for a 22” by 16” sink: $2,196 to 3,050

By educating yourself about what you can expect from Corian countertop prices, you’ll know what to look for in a discount and will have an advantage in understanding how you can keep the costs down.  With a few money saving efforts in advance, you’ll be able to find the best Corian countertop prices without sacrificing your time or the quality of your kitchen remodeling.

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