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August 14, 2019

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Stock, Semi-Custom and Custom Kitchen Cabinets


custom kitchen cabinets Cabinetry is an integral part of any kitchen, and whether you choose stock, semi custom, or custom kitchen cabinets, you will be faced with both benefits and drawbacks.  The trick is to identify these pros and cons so that you can find out which ones are best suited to your needs and expectations.  Though shopping for this part of your home may seem like it should be as simple as heading over to the local home renovation store and leaving with the items you want, it does take a little bit more organization than that. 

Whether they are prefabricated or custom kitchen cabinets makes a significant difference to your final installation, appearance, usefulness and the experience as a whole.  Therefore, it is a good idea to take the time to  get to know the advantages and disadvantages of these three categories, so that you know whether you should choose custom kitchen cabinets or opt for semi custom or stock cabinetry instead.

Pros and cons of custom kitchen cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets are the form that have been designed and planned specifically for your home and then created based on those specifications.  They give you the largest selection of different types of materials, sizes, shapes, styles, and other choices.  Custom kitchen cabinets also give that extra little bit of specially tailored flair that will ensure that the cabinetry will perfectly suit your style, colors, and decorating. 

Because they are made from scratch for you, they will come with a warranty for a certain length of time.  That said, as custom kitchen cabinets are created just for your home, it can take one or two months – on average – for them to be ready to be installed, and can be notably more expensive than stock products.

Pros and cons of semi custom kitchen cabinets

Semi custom kitchen cabinets are produced within a factory and come in a limited number of pre-determined sizes, but offer a certain quantity of customizable options from which you can choose.  The most popular materials for semi custom kitchen cabinets are maple, hickory, pecan, pine, oak, and cherry woods.  Though they are manufactured to be a certain size, they can be altered to better fit the room.  Average delivery time for semi custom kitchen cabinets is between four and six weeks, which is only slightly less than full custom kitchen cabinets.  Though they are not as expensive as their counterparts made completely from scratch, they are pricier than stock products.

Pros and cons of stock cabinetry

Unlike custom kitchen cabinets, stock items are much more affordable.  They are typically manufactured from particleboard with different types of colors and wood finishes as well as in a variety of styles.  The most popular types of stock cabinetry are maple, oak, and cherry woods.  Though they are available in standard sizes, these cannot be altered.  Your choice is limited to the retailer’s inventory.  That said, there is no waiting time before these products are ready.  Any waiting is based exclusively on delivery schedules.

By knowing what you want from your cabinetry and its installation, you can best decide among stock, semi custom, and custom kitchen cabinets.

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