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August 09, 2020

Custom Kitchen Islands

custom kitchen islandsThe wonderful thing about custom kitchen islands is that you can get exactly what you want, and features that may not be available on other ready-made kitchen islands.

Are you looking at kitchen islands for sale for the first time and are wondering if custom kitchen islands are worth the extra cost over the pre-fabricated options? 

To find out whether or not tailor-made pieces are worth your while, you need to look into what you’re expecting from the addition to your kitchen. Custom island choices vary widely in design and prices. So you need to decide early on how much you are willing to spend in order to obtain that goal. 

After all, there are many things that you can alter to the piece to ensure that it suits your needs, tastes, and expectations perfectly.  For example, the video below shows a very unique kitchen island that one homeowner had custom-made. (Note: We are not affiliated with the company mentioned in the video. Nor are we promoting their services. This is merely an example.)

Furthermore, it can be very satisfying to know that you made each of the choices in order to receive the ideal element for the heart of your home. Seeing that finished product can bring about a strong sense of pride because you’ve carefully thought out the requirements of your room and brought them to reality.

Custom Kitchen Islands - Go Wild!

One of the most exciting ways to add a specific detail to a custom island for kitchens is to add an extra sink to the kitchen.  This allows greater efficiency and makes the room more practical when more than one person is using it at a time.

Furthermore, because there is typically more maneuvering space on those services, it will make a more simpler experience out of washing large pots and pans that don’t fit into the dishwasher.  In fact, you might even find that the dishwasher fits well under that counter, allowing you to free up other spaces for storage.

Naturally, elements with electricity and plumbing can only be added to custom kitchen islands that will be installed permanently.  There are, after all, both fixed and mobile varieties of kitchen islands for sale, so you’ll need to decide if you want to have a piece that remains in place or if you’d like to be able to move it about on casters from one place to another.

Though some people choose to add stovetops to their custom island, kitchens must be equippped with the appropriate hood ventilation above the island in order to benefit from that feature.  Otherwise, heat, smoke, cooking stains, and other undesirable results could occur.

Custom kitchen islands can easily be designed to suit seating on one side.  Bar stools have become a very popular complement to this look, allowing your family to enjoy meals together in the kitchen without needing to sacrifice extra counter space for a kitchen table.  It also encourages the family to stay together to chat while food is being prepared, or simply over coffee and breakfast in the morning on the weekends.  Moreover, by having it tailor-made, it will be precisely the size and style you want for your space.


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