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August 14, 2019

4 Questions You Need to Ask About Eco Glass Countertops 


eco glass countertopsAs we run out of landfill space and the statistics about climate change and global warming become ever more unsettling, homeowners are making choices for elements such as eco glass countertops and other “green” options that will be friendlier to the environment.  As eco glass countertops become more widely recognized, they also become increasingly popular.  Of course, this is not simply because the surfaces leave a smaller carbon footprint; it can also be explained through their beauty and their practicality as a kitchen counter.  Have a look at the following questions and their answers to learn more about this type of remodeling and find out if it’s what you want for your own home.

Question 1: what makes eco glass countertops environmentally friendly?

Eco glass countertops are making their way into homes that want both style and function with as little negative impact on the environment as possible.  They are made up of materials that have been recycled, making them a good match to meet this goal.  The main element in eco glass countertops is the recycled glass (combined with man-made materials) that reduces the impact on landfills or recycling centers, and means that natural resources are not depleted.

Question 2: what are the sources of recycled materials for eco glass countertops?

There are many different places that can be sources for the recycled materials found in eco glass countertops.   Some are collected from broken glass that would otherwise have been headed for the dump.  These counters are often made up of bottles, windows, broken stained glass, and even more surprising materials such as mirrors or old traffic lights.

Question 3: are the rest of the materials in eco glass countertops environmentally friendly?

Eco glass countertops are obviously not made up exclusively of broken glass shards, but do contain other materials that bring the glass together and ensure that the surface of the countertop is smooth and durable.  That said, there are chemical adhesives and sealants involved.  Though these could be very harsh in other circumstances, in the design of eco glass countertops, great care is taken to ensure that the composite materials into which the glass is fused are mild and much less harmful to human health than the mixtures in some other types of surface.  The result is a durable, environmentally friendly, repurposed materials counter with texture and appeal.

Question 4: are eco glass countertops a practical kitchen work surface?

Though eco glass countertops may first be considered due to their environmentally friendly nature, if they weren’t able to perform as a good quality counter, any green benefits would be negated in the material’s overall value.  Fortunately, these are very practical surfaces with a unique look and great durability under a non porous and seam free surface, that ensures that it is not only very hygienic – as there is nowhere for bacteria, dirt, and mildew to hide or grow – but also exceptionally simple to clean.  They can be easily washed with a soapy cloth or simply a damp rag.  The key to making sure that they gleam without smudges is to follow up with a dry cloth, so that watermarks are not left behind.

By using eco glass countertops, you can be proud of your kitchen decor, not only because of the way it looks, but due to its environmental friendliness, as well.

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