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March 29, 2020

How to Choose the Trendiest Formica Countertops Colors for Your Décor 


formica countertops colorsIf you’re taking on a home improvement project like kitchen counters, then you will want to know the latest trends in solid surface Formica countertops colors to make sure that you bring your kitchen out of the past and into right now.  That said, you’ll also want to choose one of the 76 solid surface Formica countertops colors that will suit future changes in your décor, so that you can keep your counters for many years even if you decide to repaint the walls along the way.

The trick to choosing trendy Formica countertops colors that will continue to keep you happy for years to come is to learn about what they are and discover which ones suit your own personal taste.  Remember that a color trend  only brings beauty to your home when it is something that you will truly enjoy.  Use the following information to discover the latest kitchen décor color trends and the Formica countertops colors that will suit them – and you.

Formica countertops colors: beautifully bold

The days of bland and neutral kitchen décor styles have passed, and Formica countertops colors can help to break away from those old looks with no personality or flair.  The majority of kitchen appliances are stainless steel, black, or white.  Similarly, cabinetry is generally brown, black or white. This makes the counters a terrific place to add a burst of color.  The colors that are leading the bold trends this year are: ginger, copper, and henna, as well as fire engine red and burnt orange.  Formica countertops colors that suit those trends are: “cayenne mist”, “copper nugget”, “copper matrix”, “treasure artifacts” and “copper artifacts”.

Alternately, if you have chosen to accent your kitchen in the popular bold colors for this year, then you may wish to choose complementary Formica countertops colors instead.  These may include: “peppercorn classic”, “ saltillo stone”, “cotta spex”, “ginger root mist”, or “white spex”.

Formica countertops colors: wonderfully warm

If you were looking for kitchen décor that still had color but not quite as drastic as this year’s bright hues, you’re in luck because there is a second trend of soothing comfort that can also be reflected in Formica countertops colors.  Warmer shades for kitchen décor this year include apricots, reds, and yellows, as well as cool pink, and olive green.  Accents of silver blues, tobacco browns and gray-greens are also a hit.  In terms of Formica countertops colors, this means: “pesto mist”, “chamois spex”, “amber graniti”, “antique white papercraft”, “grass”, “Spanish paprika mist”, and “mocha spex” “vintage green mica”.  

To complement accent colors in this year’s trendy shades, you might choose the Formica countertops colors: “river rock mosaic”, “silverado”, “tawny agate”, “basilica”, “Biscuit spex”, “crema terrazzo” , “silk”,   and “sea glass”.

No matter what kitchen décor colors you choose for this year’s trends, there are many Formica countertops colors that will help you to achieve the look you want.  Just make sure to avoid slipping back into the styles of previous years, such as Tuscan and terracotta shades that have been overdone and aren’t expected to come back for a while.

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