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March 29, 2020

How to Estimate Formica Countertops Prices for Their Solid Surface Counters 


formica countertops pricesFormica countertops prices are traditionally very low, making them a great way to give your kitchen a face-lift for a cleaner and more up to date appearance or for a home renovation project on a smaller budget.  But even though the cost may not be very high, it is still important to get to know how your solid surface Formica countertops prices are calculated, so that you will be able to predict the overall cost of your home renovation project and so that you will be able to get a better idea as to what you should expect from the estimates that will be performed for the task.  Use the following information to understand the various factors that will go into your Formica countertops prices.


Formica countertops prices: find out what the  basic materials cost

As an inexpensive material, Formica countertops prices can be as low as $4 to $8 per square foot, or lower if you find it at a discount.  That price, though, is for the least expensive “bare bones” form of the material.

Formica countertops prices: learn about the cost of edges 

When you’d like your counter to better suit your décor, or for a more pleasing style, you will likely be adding decorative edges which will increase the final Formica countertops prices.  For example, in the case of sheets with a beveled or molded edge, which are the most popular design to suit kitchen décor, you should expect the cost to rise to between $24 and $40 per square foot.

Formica countertops prices: get to know the cost of added features

When you want to include additional features to enhance the durability or nature of the counter, you can expect Formica countertops prices to rise. For example, Formica made of reinforced plastic, such as those that have glass fibers mixed in with them, can cost between $40 to $50 per square foot.  The cost changes based on the plastic to glass ratio.  The most expensive form of this kind Formica is plastic-carbon, which is more appropriate for very large or commercial kitchens and averages $60 per square foot.

Formica countertops prices: determine the cost difference of customization

When you would like to change the overall shape, colors, design, edge treatment, and add elements such as cut-outs, you should expect a higher Formica countertops prices, as it becomes a custom piece.  Depending on how many changes you make and what they are, the Formica countertops prices could be as high as $75 per square foot.

Formica countertops prices: discover the installation fees

Unless you will be doing your own installation, then you will likely be paying a fee for the professional job, which increases final Formica countertops prices.  On average, the standard Formica counter with an average installation fee will be about $40 to $60 per square foot.  This increases based on features, plumbing, removal of the old countertops, and work certification.

There are many factors that create the final Formica countertops prices that you pay, but each level offers you the chance to find a deal or discount, and to work within your budget.

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