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June 29, 2020

Formica Countertops – Not Just Laminate Anymore 


formica countertopsWhen you think about Formica countertops, the odds are that the first thing that comes to mind is laminate.  However, Formica Corporation has come a long way over the decades and now offers a wide range of products.  Among them, the solid surface Formica countertops are rapidly increasing in popularity as they give other high end kitchen counter products a run for their money. Get to know the solid surface offerings from the brand name you trust to make these counters a beautiful part of your next kitchen remodeling.

Solid surface Formica countertops are different from the flagship laminate

Formica countertops of the solid surface type are not at all in the same category as the laminate.  Instead, these Formica countertops are more comparable to Corian and other poured surface sheets.  This type of installation is made out of a resin-based product which is consistent all the way through its thickness.  They come in raw sheets of 30” by 145” and 36” by 145” which are then shaped and cut to perfectly fit the kitchen.  Conversely, laminate counters are a base of particleboard covered in a thin laminate surface.

Formica countertops don’t require a backing for installation

Though many types of counter, such as laminate, need a backing like particleboard to support them when they are installed, with the solid surface of Formica countertops, no additional backing is required as it has adequate structural stability all on its own.

The cost of solid surfacing by Formica countertops

There are many different types of Formica countertops in the solid surfacing materials.  They are a high end material that compares with other top-of-the-line counter materials.  Due to the nature of the sheets and their design, they require a professional installation, as opposed to the DIY potential of laminate.  Installed, the solid surfacing material of Formica countertops will usually cost $90 to $130 per square foot.  This is, indeed, more expensive than laminate.

The price of Formica countertops vs. Corian 

Though Formica countertops in solid surfacing materials may be more expensive than laminate, it has to be noted that they are in a different category than those counters; even if they are made by the same company.  It is more effective to compare Formica countertops with other solid surface counters such as Corian.  That said, the two options are comparable in cost, meaning that the decision between the two simply comes down to preferred design.  Kitchen designers and counter installers like both materials equally, typically giving no preference to one over the other.

Formica countertops in solid surface materials come with a warranty

You can feel secure in your purchase of Formica countertops, because the products are backed by a 10 year limited warranty.  Make sure that you choose an installer who will also give you a warranty for the installation, for complete coverage.

It’s easy to see that Formica countertops aren’t just about laminate anymore.  They have established themselves very well in the solid surface kitchen counter market, making them a good choice when considering that material.

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