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August 14, 2019

Formica Laminate Countertops Edge Styles 


formica laminate countertopsWhen you first decide that you would like formica laminate countertops in your kitchen, the first thing you’ll usually consider is the color.  However, once you’ve narrowed down your choices to the one you like, it is common to be surprised to find out how many formica laminate countertops edge choices are available. 

Though the edge of your counter may not seem like a major part of your remodeling, it can actually have a significant impact on the overall styles you achieve, as well as the cost of your countertop.  Different edges on formica laminate countertops give a different effect and certain options will match your d├ęcor better than others.   Therefore, it is important to get to know about the look of these edges and the impact they can have on a kitchen.

The formica laminate countertops flat lay edge

Back when formica laminate countertops were first manufactured, the flat lay edge – also known as the straight edge – was the most popular style.  This is a very simple, crisp, and basic style that has a line of separation created by a black line along the mitered edge.  The line runs the entire length of the counter’s edge.  It is popular among many contemporary styles as well as some of the retro trends that have come into fashion over the last couple of years.

The formica laminate countertops beveled edge

A beveled edge on formica laminate countertops is similar to the flat lay edge except that it has a diagonal 45 degree angle as opposed to the sharp 90 degree angle of the flat edge.  Smaller edges are mitered smooth so that the edges themselves will disappear.

The formica laminate countertops enhanced beveled edge

Most people who choose enhanced beveled edges for formica laminate countertops, do so on counters that combine different counter colors, depths and layers.  These edges can also incorporate bands or decorative materials in conjunction with the standard beveled edge.  This style is based on a beveled edge that has been augmented with various styles or sizes.

The formica laminate countertops rolled edge

When you choose formica laminate countertops in colors that mimic the look of natural stones such as granite or marble, a rolled edge will help to resemble the curved edge that is usually used for those materials.  It is a more rounded style that can soften the look of a countertop, removing the crisp edges.  Other names for this style are the waterfall or half bullnose edge.

The formica laminate countertops bullnose edge

A bullnose edge on formica laminate countertops is similar to the rolled edge in that it is rounded.  The difference is that while the rolled edge is only rounded on the top and squared off underneath, the bullnose edge is rounded both on top and underneath, for a semi circular edge effect.  This is a very soft, smooth style that can bring warmth and cut the sharpness of a counter’s style.

Each of these edge styles changes the way formica laminate countertops look and will alter the style of your kitchen.  By choosing the right one, you will be assured a stunning visual effect.

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