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June 29, 2020

4 Reasons Why Glass Countertops Suit Your Modern Kitchen 


glass countertops Glass countertops are starting to make their way into the kitchen remodeling marketplace.  Just as this material has been an important part of modern décor in other elements, it has become an appealing, practical work surfaces as well.  It isn’t just about windows and glassware anymore.  While tiles and accessories such as fruit bowls and vases have been a part of modern style, glass countertops are only just starting to become a popular element.  This fresh new look has suddenly taken off for a number of important reasons.  Have a look at the following reasons that glass countertops make the perfect addition to a modern kitchen, to help you decide whether your home may also be improved with this type of surface.

Reason 1: glass countertops are attractive

Glass countertops are the perfect complement to a contemporary or modern kitchen.  This is due to their overall visual appeal, being modern, sleek, and interesting.  They are both stylish and beautiful.  As a non-traditional material in the design of a counter, it adds a fascinating and yet sophisticated surface to any kitchen.

Reason 2: glass countertops have range in form

Glass countertops are a highly polished surface that can be shaped and designed in virtually any design, especially in terms of the type of edge and shape.  While the natural color of glass has a greenish tinge, translucent shades can be created by tinting the material. Opaque colors can be made through the addition of a special coating on the underside of the glass.  Furthermore, glass countertops can be personalized either with colors and glass pieces, or even embedded art. The counters are produced in one piece, which means that when they are installed, there are no seams.  The thickness of the counter can also vary, ranging from ½ inch to 1 inch.  That said, the most popular choices of thickness are ½ inch and ¾ inch.  The weight of the ¾ inch thickness typically weighs about 10 pounds per square foot.

Reason 3: glass countertops are highly functional

As glass countertops are a non porous surface, they are both stain-proof and very hygienic.  Without pores or seams, there isn’t anywhere for bacteria, mold, mildew, or dirt to hide.  These counters are also able to withstand a great deal of heat, meaning that you can set a hot pot down upon them without worrying about causing damage.  In fact, standard glass countertops can withstand up to 700 degrees without cracking.  Their exceptional strength allows them to be able to hold a very large amount of weight, but be careful that you don’t drop something heavy such as a kettle or a large pot onto the surface or the edge, as this can cause chipping or even cracking.  Broken glass cannot be repaired, but must be replaced.  Glass countertops are prone to scratches, so a cutting board or butcher block should be used for chopping and slicing.  Though fingerprints, smudges, and watermarks are easily visible on a glass surface, they are also easy to wipe away.  Towel drying after wiping the surface of a glass countertop keeps them looking sleek and clean.

Reason 4: glass countertops have a range of textures

There are several types of textures available for glass countertops that create a different look and feel in a modern or contemporary kitchen.  The three most popular types of texture are: sandblasting, shattering, and slumping.  Sandblasting is a process that gives the surface of the counter a pattern or a fog effect.  Shattering is a process where a sheet of glass is shattered on purpose and then laminated between two sheets of clear glass. Slumping is an effect where the glass is melted down into special patterns and forms that are three dimensional, so that they can be embossed into the underside of the counter.

If your kitchen remodeling includes a modern or contemporary style, be sure to keep glass countertops in mind, as they are the practical, attractive work surface that will suit your décor to a T. 

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