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August 14, 2019

How to Choose the Perfect Glass Kitchen Cabinet Knobs


glass kitchen cabinet knobsGlass kitchen cabinet knobs can be one of the best changes available to your kitchen remodeling, as they allow you to make a tremendous change to the décor and style of the room, without having to make any dramatic alterations or spend an exceptional amount of money.  They can add some shimmer and color while providing a different shape and size than what you already have. 

However, as beautiful as glass kitchen cabinet knobs may be, the number of options available to you is so large that trying to choose the right ones for your home improvement project can feel like an overwhelming and exhausting task.  Use the following information to help you  to narrow down the available choices and select the ideal option for your taste and décor.

Glass kitchen cabinet knobs – begin with colors

The first aspect that you should consider when choosing glass kitchen cabinet knobs is color.  Consider the colors you like as well as the colors that will match or complement the style and decor of the room.  Though you may think that the only option is to try to find glass kitchen cabinet knobs in the main color of the room – for example, blue glass kitchen cabinet knobs for a blue room – you might find that working with secondary or tertiary colors from the room might look even nicer, as it will create contrast and draw out those more subtle colors in the rest of the room’s decorating. 

For example, if your current decorating includes pink flowers with little yellow centers, you may find that yellow glass kitchen cabinet knobs are just as appealing – if not more so – than pink ones. When in doubt, don’t forget that clear glass kitchen cabinet knobs are also available, for the same twinkling effect in the light, but without having to commit to a single color.

Glass kitchen cabinet knobs – decide on a manufacturing process

Though the way that glass kitchen cabinet knobs are made may not sound all that important, it can actually make a large difference in the final look and price, of your remodeling.  While the least expensive glass kitchen cabinet knobs are generally those that have been mass produced, there are some gorgeous options that have been hand blown and created by artisans who are masters of their craft.  The handmade pieces will usually be more expensive, but they have a style and feel that is unparalleled and that many homeowners feel is more than worth the price.  That said, if you do choose glass kitchen cabinet knobs that have been mass produced, then there still remains a large variety of style, color, and prices.  The higher the quality of the glass kitchen cabinet knobs, the more expensive they will typically be.  Either of these manufacturing processes will offer you glass kitchen cabinet knobs that can last as long as the rest of your kitchen remodeling elements.

Glass kitchen cabinet knobs – consider the cost

Every home improvement project has its own budget, and as much as you might want to purchase all handmade glass kitchen cabinet knobs, that simply might not be possible with your available amount of money.  This is not generally a cheap form of hardware, with each knob typically costing between $7 and $25.  While the lower end of this range will generally include basic mass produced pieces, the higher end will include the hand-blown variety.  If you have a larger budget, you’re only replacing the glass kitchen cabinet knobs without making any other changes to the room, or if you don’t have very many handles to replace, then this material may be a very affordable option.  However, if your kitchen includes a lot of cabinetry, you will need a larger quantity of hardware, and the cost may add up rather quickly.

When you have the budget and when the style suits your room, glass kitchen cabinet knobs can offer a gorgeous, unique look and a great way to alter the appearance of the entire space.  The material performs extremely well and is also recommended for areas that experience high humidity or a range of different humidity levels, as it is unaffected by this atmospheric change. 

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