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August 14, 2019

The 5 Steps to Choose Granite Countertop Colors 


granite countertop colors When most people think about granite countertop colors, they generally bring gray and brown images to mind, but really have no idea how many options are truly available.  In actuality, granite is a natural stone that was formed in primordial times and includes a tremendous number of variations in its patterns and colors.  The variations within the stone are known as the “movement” and are the key to its beauty. Every instance of granite slab colors is different, so you will never find one that is perfectly identical to the sample piece from which you will be ordering. 

The samples should be considered to be an example of the type of product that can be expected from a particular quarry.  The shades and veining will be different from one  surface to another.  Though some people struggle with this concept, many find that it is the uniqueness of granite countertop colors that give them their character and appeal.  The trick is to know the steps to discovering which ones are right for you.

Step 1: Locate a warehouse with a large range of granite countertop colors

Remember that the more selection you have, the greater choice you will have among all the available granite countertop colors.  You don’t want to have to make such a decision based on a handful of samples.  Instead, look for a place that will offer you a wide variety of different granite countertop colors, with examples of full slabs as well as small sample pieces.

Step 2: Bring a cabinet door from your kitchen to the warehouse to match with granite countertop colors

When you find the warehouse that you like, bring one of your existing cabinet doors with you so that you can see how the various granite countertop colors look with it.  A complementary match with the cabinetry will bring out the true beauty of the range of granite countertop colors within a particular slab.  It will give you an almost instant idea as to whether or not specific granite slab colors match.

Step 3: Choose the granite countertop colors before the flooring colors in a new home or full renovation

If you will be matching granite countertop colors to an existing floor, bring a sample of the floor, if at all possible, to make sure that it matches.  If you will be replacing the floor or are building a new home, choose the granite countertop colors before you select your flooring.  Though the two will not be as near to one another as the counter and the cabinets, you will still want to make sure that the colors in your kitchen work as a whole.

Step 4: Select granite countertop colors that you absolutely love

The decision of the granite countertop colors is a serious one and is a major part of a big investment into your kitchen renovation.  Don’t settle on one for the sake of making the choice and don’t let yourself be pressured into a selection because you need to act quickly.  Give yourself the time to find the color that you truly adore.

Step 5: Don’t settle for the sample when making the final decision

When you have made your final decision or you have narrowed your granite countertop colors down to two candidates, have the warehouse bring out half a dozen slabs of those granite colors for you to see.  This way, you’ll get an idea of how it looks as a surface and not just a little cube.  Try to identify the types of dark or lightness that you prefer, and point out any patterns that appeal to you, to help the warehouse choose the right individual slabs for your kitchen.  This will also let you know the types of cuts that will be made and the impact those seams will have on the pattern and granite slab colors.

By taking the time that you need to make sure that you find the granite countertop colors and patterns that you find the most appealing, you’ll be certain to create the best granite kitchen design for your home.

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