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August 14, 2019

6 Steps to Understanding What Granite Countertops Cost 


granite countertops cost Finding out what granite countertops cost can be a challenging process, but if you know the right steps to understanding where the price comes from, you will be better prepared to make the right choices for your kitchen.  This beautiful, durable stone will add warmth, elegance, and value to your home and it will never go out of style, making it worth your while to find out how to stretch every penny.

Step 1: Know the overall range of granite countertops cost

Typically speaking, granite countertops cost somewhere  between $60 and $120 per square foot. This pricing may or may not include the installation fee.  If you are willing to take some time, wait for sales, or do your homework to find the stone at a discount, you may find a price tag as low as $30 per square foot, though this would not include the installation fee.  Never forget that the main granite countertops cost does not stop at the price of the counter, but also involves its transportation and its installation.  When working with slabs of stone, it is best to have a professional complete the work and to take on that additional fee to ensure that your warranty won’t invalidate from improper installation.

Step 2: Understand the industry pricing basics

One main issue regarding what granite countertops cost is that much of that industry is unregulated.  This not only makes it rather confusing to understand how the price of a counter has been calculated, but also which company and product to choose.  Many customers do not realize that pricing is not standardized, and pay more as a consequence.  Remember that every time the stone exchanges hands – from the quarry to the supply company to the manufacturer, and so on – a new fee is applied.  Each level can charge whatever they want, depending on the demand within that local market.  In fact, a dealer who offers complete service from the manufacture to the installation, may mark their price up by 50 percent, dramatically increasing what their granite countertops cost.

Step 3: Know your stone

Suppliers of granite will generally offer three or four tiers of the stone.  The first group will generally include the top quality, premium products with the highest granite countertops cost.  The tier of the stone is decided based on several factors, including the veins and patterns, color, country of origin, the quantity of soft minerals it contains, the slab’s thickness, and even the current fashion for interior decorating.  Some colors of the stone have a distinctive coloring pattern known as the “movement”, which is highly sought-after.  All of these elements combined impact what granite countertops cost.

Step 4: Know what makes a cheaper stone

The stone that comes from the lower tiers can still have the same utility and attractiveness as those that have a higher granite countertops cost.  They may be called “commercial grade” in some instances, but they may also be harder than the first tier slabs.  The primary difference between the premium tier stone and those in a lower tier is the number of “pits” which require filling.  When softer minerals are present in the stone, more supports and sealant may also be needed for the installation of maintenance, which will make the final granite countertops cost noticeably higher.

Step 5: Investigate the origin of the stone

It has become a common practice for suppliers to order their stone from India or the rest of Asia in thinner cuts that have been manufactured at the quarry ahead of their shipping.  The recommended thickness of a counter slab is usually three centimeters, but thinner-cut stone laminated to a plywood base is now becoming available so that the granite countertops cost less.

Step 6: Find out about cuts and seams

Discover the number of cuts and seams that will be made to the slabs.  The more cuts there are, the higher granite countertops cost because of the amount of wasted material.

Educating yourself about the factors behind what granite countertops cost can help you to make sure that you are always getting the very most out of every dollar you spend and will obtain the final product you were hoping for.

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