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February 15, 2020

How to Choose the Color, Finish and Edges for Granite Kitchen Carts 


granite kitchen cartsWhen you’re looking to add that extra something special to your home’s décor and function, granite kitchen carts may be just the option you’re looking for.  They have a unique ability to bring added style and beauty, as well as utility to your kitchen.  The trick is to find the right color, finish, and edges to suit your taste and the styles already established in your kitchen. That said, one of the best things about granite kitchen carts is that they allow you to bring these stone countertops into your kitchen at a much more affordable price than having all of your counters replaced.  Use the following information to help you to make the right selections for strong, beautiful, and affordable granite kitchen carts.

Color choices for granite kitchen carts

When you’ve decided to buy granite kitchen carts, then you have a large range of color choices from which to make your selection, from grey granite, pepper granite, black, emerald green, deep sapphire blue, and lighter shades such as lavenders or sea blues. This range gives granite kitchen carts a significant amount of versatility, allowing it to suit just about every room, style, and theme.  No matter how your kitchen currently looks, there will be a shade or variation that will complement it.  When making the color choice for granite kitchen carts, bring a few stone samples home so that you can come up with a general shade that will suit your countertops, cupboards, and flooring.

Finishes for granite kitchen carts

Once you know what color stone you’d like for your granite kitchen carts, there are a number of choices for the finish and edge of the stone as the counter for the piece. Most commonly, the stone will have been honed (a low gloss, satiny surface) or will have been polished until it has a very high gloss finish.  A honed surface is typically more expensive than the high gloss finish, so if you would like additional shine to your granite kitchen carts, then you will likely see a better discount.  That said, some other finishes include the following:

  • Brushed finish – which uses a rotary (a kind of wire brush) on the surface of the granite kitchen carts to achieve a coarser surface feel.
  • Sandblasted finish – this has little to no gloss and has a texture that is like matte.  This is a good option for granite kitchen carts that will be used in the kitchen as well as outside, for example, to bring food to a barbeque or to add a service or prep area to a patio party.
  • Abrasive finish – like the sandblasted finish, these granite kitchen carts work well for indoor-outdoor use and are non-reflective and flat.

Edges for granite kitchen carts

Once you know the color and the finish you prefer for your granite kitchen carts, you can select an edge for the countertop from many different options.  The more traditional edges are curved, but there are also bullnose edges, straight edges for a more box-like appearance, round ogee (which creates an S-curve), beveled edges, and waterfall edges.  Each of these gives a different look to the overall counter on granite kitchen carts.  The décor of your existing countertops may help you to make this decision, and the size and overall styles you’d like from your granite kitchen carts will also play an important role.

Once you have chosen all of these different elements for your granite kitchen carts, you can head out to see if you can find one ready-made, or if you will need to find a company that will be able to create a custom-made piece for your kitchen.  Though these may not be as cheap as carts made from some other materials such as maple or vinyl, it will be a beautiful and durable piece that will not only last for many years, but also has the portability to come with you, even if you move, becoming an investment into every kitchen you ever own.

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