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August 09, 2020

Granite Versus Quartz Countertops: Which One Should You Buy? 


granite versus quartz countertopsWhen it comes to higher end counters, one of the big debates in kitchen d├ęcor is granite versus quartz countertops.  They both have their own strengths and weaknesses, but still manage to take kitchens beyond basic function so that the room can be a place where people can enjoy being.  They are both highly functional and attractive and let you be proud of showing your kitchen to guests – especially if your home is an open concept that allows people to see you as you prepare your meals. 

But how do you decide the winner of the granite versus quartz countertops debate?  Use the following to understand the difference between granite versus quartz countertops and help to determine which one is better for  your own home remodeling.

Granite versus quartz countertops:  the natural stone question

When deciding on granite versus quartz countertops for your kitchen, an issue that often arises is the difference between engineered stone and a natural stone slab.  If the concern is whether or not the counter is all natural stone, the difference between the two is rather minimal.  That said, while granite can come in either engineered stone (also known as cultured stone) or in a natural slab form, quartz is almost always engineered stone.  Therefore, you need to decide which style you’ll prefer and that will help you to know which is better for your decision between granite versus quartz countertops.  Quartz counters are 93 percent natural (ground down) stone, with the rest of the material consisting of polymer bonding resins and color pigments.  Slab granite, on the other hand, is 100 percent stone.  Therefore, if you’re concerned about having a surface that is completely stone, granite will likely be your best selection.

Granite versus quartz countertops: the price comparison

The granite versus quartz countertops price debate is always changing, as the cost of both types of natural stone are dependent on a number of different factors, from the availability of the stone itself from its sources, to shipping prices, manufacturer’s pricing, installer’s fees, and the location of you, the homeowner.

Overall, the prices do hover around one another, and will typically start around $60 to $100 per square foot, installed.  They are both higher end surfaces and ultimately, you will need to check the price at the precise time of purchase if your granite versus quartz countertops decision will be based on cost, otherwise, the other comparison points should be given greater weight.

Granite versus quartz countertops: the radon risk

There has been a radon-related issue that has become a concern with some natural stone counters, so as you debate granite versus quartz countertops, you might want to look into the materials you’re considering.  Radon can be found in both quartz and granite.  It is a gas that is radioactive and has been connected with the development of lung cancer.  The instance and degree of radon varies as widely in the natural stone as the prices do.  It is up to you to inquire into the radon levels at the precise time that you are looking into buying.  That said, in engineered stone, a Consumer Reports scientist reported “almost no radon”, which is the main form of quartz, as well as very little from granite.  Therefore, in terms of the lowest radon risk, engineered stone quartz wins the battle over a natural granite slab, or a tie between granite versus quartz countertops that are both engineered stone.

Granite versus quartz countertops: the durability feature

When comparing the durability of granite versus quartz countertops, the nature of the materials needs to be considered.  Though granite slabs are stunning, they contain natural imperfections and flaws that are often considered to be features to homeowners, though others dislike them or simply tolerate them.  Engineered stone quartz and granite have been manufactured in a way that removes the flaws, so that there will not be an unpleasant discovery of a crack that will one day open up, as is the risk with a natural stone slab.  

In the granite versus quartz countertops debate, it’s all a matter of taste and timing.  These natural stones are highly comparable, so it is simply a matter of which you find more appealing in terms of looks, texture, and durability.

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