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August 14, 2019

How to Find Good Quality Inexpensive Kitchen Cabinets


inexpensive kitchen cabinetsFinding inexpensive kitchen cabinets is an important way to save a significant amount of money for your remodeling project.  After all, the less money you need to spend on one particular item, the more you have to either save, or to add to the rest of the changes to your d├ęcor.  That said, while it is important to find inexpensive kitchen cabinets, you also want to be certain that you will be obtaining a good quality product. 

There is no point to finding a discount if you won’t like what you buy, or if you’ll only have to replace it after a short time because of shoddy workmanship.  Use the following techniques to find inexpensive kitchen cabinets, but with the materials, designs, colors, and quality that  you want.

Check out inexpensive kitchen cabinets that are ready to assemble

Many home improvement and renovation stores have a range of ready to assemble (RTA) inexpensive kitchen cabinets available for you to bring home on that same day.  The reason that you can save money with these items is that you need to build them yourself.  Once they’re built, you’ll also need to either install them, or hire a professional for the installation.

Have a look at inexpensive kitchen cabinets that are pre fabricated

The next level up in price among inexpensive kitchen cabinets, are the types of cabinetry that the home reno stores already have in stock.  These come in standard sizes and offer a range of different styles, finishes, and colors.  Though these pre fabricated pieces may already be assembled for you, you will still need to either install them yourself or find someone else to do the job.

Find inexpensive kitchen cabinets by choosing cheaper materials

If you want inexpensive kitchen cabinets that are custom made or semi custom made, then the trick to saving money is in making the right choices in terms of materials, designs, hardware, and other relevant elements. For example, cabinetry made out of solid hardwood will be more expensive than plywood or particleboard.  That said, metal will be more expensive than some kinds of wood.  Even hardware can make the difference, so be sure to compare the prices of the options you’re considering.

Speak directly to the cabinetmaker for inexpensive kitchen cabinets

Sometimes the secret to finding the best inexpensive kitchen cabinets is by going right to the source.  As you are speaking directly to the people who can customize and modify every detail of the cabinetry, you will be able to make changes that will allow you to save as much money as possible.  This is because they have the following advantages:

  • They know the current prices of popular woods such as mahogany, maple, hickory, and oak, as well as the least expensive finishes, designs, and colors, and can show you the difference that each element makes to the final total price.
  • They can sell the inexpensive kitchen cabinets directly to you, instead of first selling it to a retailer such as a home reno store, which adds another markup.
  • They can order both standard and custom sizes for your specific job, or can order a standard size and then alter it to suit your custom needs, so that your custom work will not need to be built from scratch, making it less expensive.

By taking the right action, you can make sure that you’ll have inexpensive kitchen cabinets without sacrificing the quality of the product.

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