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August 14, 2019

What Makes Kitchen Butcher Blocks the Perfect Cutting Board?


kitchen butcher blocksKitchen butcher blocks are one of the most attractive and practical elements that you can add to a home’s food preparation area.  This is because among cutting boards, this is the top of the line form of chopping surface.  There are many reasons that both professional chefs and home cooks prefer this particular style of surface for their food preparation.  Before you buy your next cutting board, have a look at some of the more highly appreciated benefits to using kitchen butcher blocks.

Kitchen Butcher Blocks Are Beautiful

As kitchen butcher blocks are made from wood, you can  choose the color of wood that will best suit your d├ęcor, from maple and oak cherry to the environmentally friendly bamboo.  They can also be made in different wood patterns, from checkerboard to stripes.  Moreover, you can find these cutting boards in a crisp, sharp design or a more rustic and warn appearance.  Your style and taste can always be matched with kitchen butcher blocks. 

Kitchen butcher blocks are a sanitary food preparation surface

Kitchen butcher blocks make it very easy to keep your countertop clean and to ensure that your food preparation area is always sanitary.  This is because it is very simple to disinfect this material.  Ease of disinfection is one of the most important reasons that professional meat cutters opt for this type of wood for chopping and slicing their product.  That said, wood also contains a natural form of disinfectant, which gives the surface an automatic advantage over other types of cutting board.

Kitchen butcher blocks are convenient

With kitchen butcher blocks in your home, you will never need to hunt around and try to find a clean cutting board; especially because you can simply flip it over when you need to begin cutting a new kind of food. This surface will always be seated on your countertop, ready for the next time you need to prepare a meal.  It will make your food prep much faster and easier so that you will find it more enjoyable.  Because this surface is very easy to clean, you don’t have to worry about wasting a lot of time cleaning it between the preparation of different food items or once you’re all done.  As soon as you bring home kitchen butcher blocks, you’ll find that the time you spend preparing meals will drop in a noticeable way.

Kitchen butcher blocks are very durable

To make kitchen butcher blocks, hardwood such as maple boards are bonded together under very high pressure.  This arranges the grain in a way that is easy on knives, but that is also very resistant to cuts and scratches.  While your kitchen butcher blocks will maintain their beauty and practicality, they will also keep your knives and other chopping tools nice and sharp for a longer time. This is an important reason that many people choose butcher block over a solid wood countertop or kitchen island surface.

Kitchen butcher blocks make the ideal food preparation area in the form of a cutting board or as the entire surface of your countertop.  With their beauty and function combined, it is easy to see why so many chefs and homeowners insist on owning at least one.

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