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August 14, 2019

How to Manage Your Custom Kitchen Cabinet Cost With Simple Techniques


kitchen cabinet costWhen you have a remodeling project ahead of you, one of the most important ways to reduce the total price is to learn how to manage the different contributing factors to the kitchen cabinet cost, especially when you’ll be ordering custom pieces.  By getting to know how to minimize the kitchen cabinet cost, you’ll be able to fit more within your budget and ensure that you will be getting the final result and style that you want.  After all, this is the center of your home. 

It is not only where meals are prepared, but also where your family comes together to talk, eat together, do homework, pay bills, or entertain casual guests.  This makes the way that you decorate the room very  important, as you will be spending a lot of time there.  While custom work will let you achieve just the specifications you want its only problem is its price.  So if you know how to manage the kitchen cabinet cost you’ll do yourself – and your home – an important financial favor.  Use the following tips to get yourself started.

Combine custom and stock pieces for a lower kitchen cabinet cost

Custom pieces are notably more expensive than the stock kitchen cabinet cost.  Therefore, if you reduce the number of custom elements and combine them with ready-made pieces, you’ll automatically reduce the overall kitchen cabinet cost.  This makes sure that when you need an oddly shaped piece, you’ll be covered, but when a more typical storage area is required, you can choose one that has been pre-fabricated to get the job done.  Many homeowners find that when all is said and done, they need only one or two custom pieces, which means a much lower total kitchen cabinet cost than if the entire set was custom made.

Keep the kitchen cabinet cost down by doing some of your own labor

You may not be able to completely install your own cabinets, but if you have any skill with carpentry, then you can reduce the kitchen cabinet cost with a little bit of your own work.  This is easiest when you have prefabricated cabinets or ready-to-assemble (rta) kits that are meant for the do it yourselfer.  Depending on how much you are able to do, you can save a great deal on installation fees (which can make up a fair amount of a total kitchen cabinet cost).  Keep in mind that in terms of custom work, you may lose your warranty unless you have a professional installation done for the custom pieces as well as for those other pieces that connect to the custom work.

Decrease the kitchen cabinet cost with a student installer

Other than for custom pieces, if you want a professional installation, you can still cut the kitchen cabinet cost by hiring a carpentry, contractor, or design student, or hire a team that includes an apprentice.  This will allow you to have a knowledgeable person do the work, but at a fraction of the final kitchen cabinet cost.

Watch sales for a lower kitchen cabinet cost

A discounted kitchen cabinet cost is out there if you know where to look.  This might mean watching kitchen design or home renovation stores for sales, or it could simply mean that you ask the business for a discount in exchange, for example, for ordering all of your materials and installation services from them.  Some businesses will even allow you to trade services, if you happen to run your own business or have a skill of your own to offer, for example, website design. Creativity goes a long way in reducing your kitchen cabinet cost.

By using any one of these techniques to reduce the kitchen cabinet cost in your remodeling project, you can save a respectable amount of money.  However, by combining a few of these methods, you can make a significant difference in the final amount that you pay.

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