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August 14, 2019

The Style and Function of Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Drawers


kitchen cabinet drawersWhen you’re remodeling, it is important that you don’t forget kitchen cabinet drawers as an important part of that process.  They might not seem like much.  They’re usually the smallest part of your cabinetry and all they do is slide in and out and contain things, but choosing the right kitchen cabinet drawers can make a significant difference in the style and usability of the room. 

Equally, when you select the wrong kitchen cabinet drawers, you will certainly know it, as they are unappealing and cause an increasing amount of aggravation and frustration every time you use them. The best and most practical way to remodel with the right kitchen cabinet drawers is to get to know the   different types and what they can do for you.  This will help you to decide which ones are right for your design in terms of the style of your kitchen and what you will be storing within it.  Use the following information to get to know the different types of kitchen cabinet drawers available for your home improvement project.

Kitchen cabinet drawers: the over-sized drawer

Over-sized kitchen cabinet drawers are the type that are deeper than the standard, and can give you the perfect place to store larger, bulkier items, small appliances such as choppers, mixers, and blenders, or items that can take up a large amount of space such as table linens, dish cloths and dish towels. 

Kitchen cabinet drawers: the roll-out drawer

Roll-out kitchen cabinet drawers are designed to provide smoother and easier access to the contents.  Instead of having to wrench them open, these kitchen cabinet drawers roll out smoothly with little wheels on a track, and then slide back in again.  This makes them not only more pleasant to use, but they also place a smaller amount of strain on the back and shoulders.

Kitchen cabinet drawers: the slim-line drawer

Slim-line kitchen cabinet drawers are a drawer with very little depth that provide a handy space for items that are essential within the room, but that don’t take up enough space to merit an entire standard drawer to themselves.  This can include note paper and pens, or oven mitts.

Kitchen cabinet drawers: the dovetail drawer

Dovetail kitchen cabinet drawers open in several levels, making them a perfect place to store items such as spices, where you will need to store several items in a single location, but where it is best to have each item easily identifiable and readily accessible.  This type of storage is also designed to allow different sized items to be grouped together, so the larger spice bottles, for example, will be stored on the same level, while the smaller ones will also be placed together.

Kitchen cabinet drawers: the corner drawer

Corner kitchen cabinet drawers allow you to take advantage of corner intersections of cabinetry, which is often wasted.  The drawers are designed in a wedge or triangular shape and are handy for small everyday items and containers.

Kitchen cabinet drawers: the standard drawer

Standard kitchen cabinet drawers are those that most people envision when they hear the word “drawer”.  They are typically a standard common size and depth and are generally used for storage of cutlery, knives, utensils, and other typical kitchen items.

By understanding your needs and the shape of your kitchen, you can decide which types of kitchen cabinet drawers will be best for your remodeling design.

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