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August 14, 2019

How to Select Kitchen Cabinet Handles to Suit Your Decor


kitchen cabinet handlesWhen you are changing the look of your kitchen, whether by replacing everything, or just the kitchen cabinet handles, the hardware you select can make all the difference in finishing off the look and giving it that final necessary detail.  Though kitchen cabinet handles may seem small and insignificant, when you choose the wrong ones, you’ll know it. The entire appeal of the style you have chosen can be polished and completed by kitchen cabinet handles, or it can be thrown off entirely. 

These knobs, drawer pulls, and other functional features can range from either simple, basic, practical, and barely noticeable, to striking and elegant.  They provide an inexpensive way to make a big difference in the look of  your kitchen.  However, the key is to be able to choose the right ones.  Use the following information to learn how to make sure your kitchen cabinet handles will suit the décor of the room.

The shapes of kitchen cabinet handles

Have a look at the room as a whole.  Are there any shapes that seem to make up a theme?  For example, is the room contemporary?  Does it have a nature theme?  Is there a garden element?  Is it a country kitchen?  If so, try to match the shape to that style.  For example, sleek geometric shapes such as squares are appealing in a contemporary kitchen, while twig-shaped kitchen cabinet handles might be nice with a nature theme.  Decorative circular kitchen cabinet handles will look nice in a country kitchen where you might find sunflower shapes perfect for a garden theme.

The materials of kitchen cabinet handles

What kind of hardware and other materials have been used throughout your kitchen?  Do you have a brushed nickel faucet?  Are your hinges copper?  Is your countertop and backsplash made out of granite or marble?  Do you have glass doors on your cabinetry?  Any of those materials can be matched with kitchen cabinet handles to give a flow throughout the room.

The style of kitchen cabinet handles

Depending on the style of your kitchen, different kitchen cabinet handles will suit it very well, while others will seem to clash.  For example, if you have a contemporary or modern look in your kitchen, square knobs and bar-pulls in a more European style will complement the sleek linear style of the room.  Similarly, a French café might use traditional wood shapes such as round, or might be complemented by the flair of a bunch of grapes.  Country kitchens look great with heavy dark kitchen cabinet handles such as those made out of cast iron in any of various different shapes.

The era of kitchen cabinet handles

Make sure that the kitchen cabinet handles you choose suit the era-style of the décor in the room.  For example, if you have decorated in a Victorian style, glass or porcelain knobs and pulls will be appropriate.  Equally, vintage styles look great with ceramic, and pewter.  A more old-fashioned rustic style matches wood very well.

The importance of hinges to kitchen cabinet handles

Though your kitchen cabinet handles and cabinet hinges do not need to match precisely, they should be made out of the same material or two that suit one another.  For example, if you add silver knobs to a cupboard that has brass hinges, it will look off.  If you find kitchen cabinet handles that you love and they do not match the hinges, either replace the hinges with some that do match, or use hinges that have been designed to be invisible when the doors are closed.

Kitchen cabinet handles are a great way to enhance the look of the room without spending a great deal of money.  They can also give the finishing touch when you are taking on a full home improvement project.  When making the decision as to which ones to choose, take your time so that you will not only know that you have made the right choice, but you’ll be able to find the best available price, too.

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