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February 16, 2020

Whether or Not to Buy from Kitchen Cabinet Wholesalers


kitchen cabinet wholesalersWhen you decide it’s time to remodel your kitchen, one of the efforts you might consider making in order to save money is to shop with kitchen cabinet wholesalers.  However, this is not an obvious decision to make as there are many pros and cons to using this method for its discount.  This can, after all, make a big difference to your remodeling and its cost, as the cabinetry will be a central part of one of the most vital rooms of your home and will make up a good portion of the project’s total cost. 

You will want to make sure that kitchen cabinet wholesalers aren’t leading you to buy cheap products at the cost of quality.  To help you to determine whether kitchen cabinet wholesalers are the right place for you to  shop for the remodeling supplies you need, consider both the advantages and disadvantages as outlined below.

Advantages of shopping with kitchen cabinet wholesalers

The main advantage to buying from kitchen cabinet wholesalers is the ability to avoid the much higher prices you see at retailers such as home renovation stores, and to find significant discounts.  This means that you can either use kitchen cabinet wholesalers to obtain the lowest possible price for your remodeling, or that you will be able to buy higher quality cabinetry at a lower cost that would otherwise not have been within your price range.  As kitchen cabinet wholesalers typically sell in large quantities, they will generally have an enormous stock from which you can choose.  This can make it easier for you to make the final choice regarding the product you’d like to buy because you will be able to compare all of your options in one place, instead of having to hop from one retailer to the next. 

Disadvantages of shopping with kitchen cabinet wholesalers

As much as there are lower prices and lots of selection with kitchen cabinet wholesalers, there are a number of disadvantages that you will need to consider, as well.  Among the main risks that you take when buying through kitchen cabinet wholesalers is that the shopping process involves ordering based on a floor model or catalog image which will not allow you to select your specific product based on its quality and condition.  Once you’ve made your order, the kitchen cabinet wholesalers ship the items to your home, where you will need to receive them, no matter their condition.  Most kitchen cabinet wholesalers will not accept returns once the item has been purchased and received. 

Once your cabinetry has been delivered, you are responsible for both its storage and installation.  This means that you will either need to hire a professional installer and hope that you can align his or her services close to the date of the product delivery (so that you don’t need to store them very long), or that you will need to perform the installation yourself.  This process may also include the assembly of the cabinetry, if you have ordered ready to assemble (RTA) pieces as opposed to pre fabricated pieces.

Buying from kitchen cabinet wholesalers can save you a great deal of money on your remodeling, as long as you are prepared to take the risk of additional responsibility for the installation and the quality of the product you receive.

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