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February 15, 2020

3 Reasons Why You May Prefer Kitchen Cabinets Resurfacing to Replacement


kitchen cabinets resurfacingWhen you’ve had enough of the look of your kitchen and you’re ready for a fresh start, you may find that kitchen cabinets resurfacing or refacing allows you to get a great deal more out of your home improvement than you would if you invested in the replacement of all of the cabinetry.  There are many reasons that you may choose kitchen cabinets resurfacing over replacement. 

Though it may not be the ideal option for cabinets that are in bad shape, that were exceptionally cheap to begin with, or that are not structurally sound, cabinetry that is in good shape can offer you a tremendous opportunity.  Have a look at the following reasons that so many homeowners are choosing kitchen cabinets resurfacing to give their  own kitchens a whole new look, so that you can decide whether or not it will be right for you, too.

Kitchen cabinet resurfacing reason #1: the project doesn’t take as long

As you may know, if you have already taken on some home improvement projects, some can take a surprising amount of time to complete.  They may seem like a simple task, but they prove to be extensive, consuming a tremendous amount of time and successfully build your frustration and aggravation. 

When compared to replacing cabinetry, kitchen cabinets resurfacing is actually quite quick.  Instead of having to tear out each of the old ones, leading to wall and fitting damage and several necessary repairs before the installation, only the doors and drawers need to be removed. 

Replacement can take between weeks and months, leaving the kitchen in disarray and making it unpleasant – if not impossible – to use.  Kitchen cabinets resurfacing leaves the room fully functional and takes only a few days.  In less than a week, the cabinetry – and the style of the room – is completely updated and transformed.

Kitchen cabinet resurfacing reason #2: the project is much more convenient

Without any cabinetry, there isn’t anywhere to store all of the items that are normally kept in your kitchen, from plates to glassware, bake ware, utensils, and everything else.  Moreover, if the under-counter cabinetry is also removed, the kitchen countertops go with it and you may not even have a surface on which to prepare your meals.  Throughout the length of the replacement process, you may find that you will either need to set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere in your home, or you may have to eat out all the time – which can increase the cost of the project (and your waistline) tremendously.  However, with kitchen cabinets resurfacing, you don’t need to live with the dust, dirt, and unusable kitchen. Though you may need to remove everything from inside the cabinets, you can put it all right back in a few days.  You can still prepare your meals and cook in the meantime.

Kitchen cabinets resurfacing reason #3: this project fits your budget

One of the main reasons homeowners choose kitchen cabinets resurfacing is because it can save them thousands of dollars and still provide the look of a new kitchen.  The amount that you save will depend on the style, material, and amount of work that will need to be done, but in many situations, it can save up to thousands of dollars by the completion of the project.

With good quality cabinetry, kitchen cabinets resurfacing provides the opportunity to save yourself time, frustration, and money and still achieve the updated, attractive kitchen style you want.

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