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June 29, 2020

Choose The Right Kitchen Carts For Your Space By Asking Yourself These 5 Fundamental Questions 

kitchen cartsKitchen carts may be exactly what you need to make your room more functional, allowing you to make better use of your space with both convenience and ease.   However, like most types of kitchen furniture or fixtures, there are different styles of carts available. 

Therefore, in order to make the best choice to suit the size of your space and your own personal taste and requirements, you need to ask yourself the following five questions that have been designed to help you make your decision based on the answers provided.   

Question 1 – What size kitchen carts will fit my kitchen?

Kitchen carts come in a diverse range of sizes.  The first step to selecting the right size is to discover the amount of space you have to work with by creating a diagram of your kitchen on graph paper.  Using a tape measure, determine the precise measurements of the room and then draw the room to scale on graph paper, with 1 grid-square representing 6 square inches.  Color in a 42 inch area in front of each base cabinet, door, appliance, or wall, to represent the space needed for comfortable mobility around the kitchen.  Utilizing the same 1 square equals 6 square inches for the remaining dimensions of the uncolored leftover space, you can then determine what kitchen cart size will fit best.  

Question 2 – Do I want stationary or mobile kitchen carts?

Mobile kitchen carts have wheels.  The majority are equipped with four heavy wheel casters that feature locking mechanisms, so they can be rolled with ease to whatever area of the kitchen you want, and then securely locked into position.  They are often ideal for tighter spaces where stationary kitchen carts may not be a practical option and some can also be used as an effective hostess trolley.   On the other hand, kitchen carts without wheels are designed to remain stationed in a single spot and are a good choice if you would like the room to have a more refined and finished look. 

Question 3 – Do I want kitchen carts that provide storage?           

Kitchen carts that have different storage features are a wonderful and handy way to store various items, cut down on clutter, free up counter space, and allow for better organization, regardless of how large or small your kitchen may be.  A cart might be equipped with one or several storage options, such as open shelves, cabinets, or drawers, which can be great for storing pots and pans, utensils, and other cookware.  What’s more, some kitchen carts can even be used as a mini pantry.  In addition, there are carts that have towel racks, knife blocks, paper towel holders, and condiment holders, all are excellent add-ons if you intend to use the cart for food preparation or serving.    

Question 4 – Should I choose kitchen carts that features a drop leaf?

Kitchen carts with drop leafs consist of a fixed central table surface and one or more hinged flaps that can be raised and supported by a bracket to increase surface size.  They are perfect if you are looking for versatility and for increasing your food preparation space.   A drop leaf can make a cart more versatile because it can provide extra work space or can even function as a small breakfast bar when needed, but also enables the cart to take up less space for easier storage when not in use or when the additional surface area is not required.

Question 5 – What different décor styles are available?

Once you have decided what kitchen cart size you want, and the type of features you would like the furniture to have, you then need to consider your décor options.  Kitchen carts are available to suit a variety of kitchen decorating styles including, traditional, modern, contemporary, English country, and French country to name a few.  Furthermore, there are various counter surfaces to select from, such as solid woods, stainless steel, granite and other stones, vinyl, and laminate.   

You will discover that when you are armed with the answers to your questions, you will be able to confidently select the best kitchen carts that are the perfect compliment to your kitchen and are ideal for your needs.

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