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August 14, 2019

The Most Popular Kitchen Designs And Layouts

kitchen designs and layoutsThere are lots of different kitchen designs and layouts, and techniques that can be used to either create more space, or to give the illusion of more space.  For example, adding an extra door or a pass-through window from one room into another can give your kitchen the feeling of being much more airy and less confined.

Though it may seem as if the solution to all of your cramped kitchen woes depends on your ability to tear down walls in order to increase the amount of space within the room, there are frequently much more practical and simpler solutions to the problem. Remember that in many situations, that overcrowded feeling in your kitchen is a matter of perception and not necessarily that there isn’t enough square footage. 

The majority of kitchen designs and layouts fall into one of the four most popular standard kitchen floor plan layouts: L-shape, U-shape, open plan, and galley.  These kitchen remodel layouts are known to have the best possible use of space within a kitchen.  That said, just because your kitchen may have one of these floor plans, it doesn’t mean that the right one has been selected for your needs.  Have a look at the four standard layouts that are most popular for in kitchen renovations so that you can consider a different shape to your kitchen for a more efficient use of the space.

Kitchen Designs And Layouts: L-Shape Kitchen Design

The L-shape kitchen design, also known as a corner kitchen, can help the room to feel as though it has more space because it has two lengths of countertop instead of one.  This makes it seem as though there is more workspace and more depth to the room. 

That said, this floor plan can also present a workstation challenge for some kitchens as it can lead to lost central space.  A center kitchen island is often the solution to the open space in an L-shape kitchen; especially one that features seating so that it can be used as an eating area and prep station.


Kitchen Designs And Layouts: U-Shape Kitchen Design

The U-shape kitchen design combines the benefits of an L-shape kitchen and a galley kitchen layout (below), by providing a solution that saves space while providing the user of the kitchen with a great deal of accessibility.  The use of a third wall keeps everything handy, so that an effective triangular usage pattern can result.  The U-shape kitchen works in a more compact area as well as in one that is more open.  In smaller kitchens with this floor plan, placing the stove and refrigerator on opposite walls, with the sink at the end, a simple workstation will result.  That said, in larger areas, the room can be anchored with an island in its center, allowing for more workspace and additional storage.

Kitchen Designs And Layouts: Open Plan Kitchen Design

An open plan kitchen design suggests that there is no wall dividing it from an adjacent room or with the rest of the level.  Regardless, this type of kitchen functions very well with the addition of an island or some form of dividing counter to create definition to the room, add storage space, provide another work surface, and to give the room a serving area for entertaining or everyday meals. Many homeowners like this type of space because they are not cut off from their family or guests when they are in the kitchen.  Due to the nature of this type of floor plan, it is important to keep an open plan kitchen very organized so that everything remains easily accessible.

Kitchen Designs And Layouts: Galley Kitchen Design

The galley style kitchen is a popular floor plan in city apartments, or in smaller apartments and houses.  This is due to its space saving nature and that it functions well when being used by one or two people.  Typically, the galley kitchen design is long and has all of its workspace along one wall or along two parallel walls. The key to this space is ensuring that the open area is wide enough to allow all of the appliances to have their doors open simultaneously, and yet still have enough room for the user to fit inside.

As you design your new kitchen renovation, consider these various kitchen designs and layouts, their style of use and the space they can offer you.


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