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March 29, 2020

4 Reasons You Can Feel Secure With an Investment in Kitchen Formica Countertops 


kitchen formica countertopsWhen you invest in a new home improvement project such as kitchen Formica countertops, you want to make sure that you will be adding value to your home that will last for many years.  This is especially true when you choose the higher end kitchen Formica countertops such as solid surface counters.  Use the following reasons that kitchen Formica countertops are indeed a great investment into the future of your kitchen to help you make that final decision regarding your counter surface choice.

Reason 1: kitchen Formica countertops are long lasting

Solid surface kitchen Formica countertops are manufactured by blending man-made synthetic polymers with natural stone and mineral particles.  The result is highly durable and it should last as long as the rest of your kitchen, as long as it is well maintained.

Reason 2: kitchen Formica countertops come with a good warranty

If simply knowing that kitchen Formica countertops will last a kitchen’s lifetime isn’t enough, then you’ll find comfort in knowing that the Formica Corporation also offers a 10 year limited warranty that states that if your solid surface kitchen Formica countertops fail as a result of a manufacturing defect at any time during the first ten years from the installation date,  then it will either replace or repair the counter at no charge to you, or it will refund the price that you paid for the product.  Any replacement or repairs covered by the warranty also include any reasonable labor charges, though it won’t cover any costs associated with hardware, fixtures, wall, ceiling, or floor treatments, nor the removal of the old product from your home.  Only the product itself is covered.  Some exceptions do apply.

Reason 3: kitchen Formica countertops can be repaired

While kitchen Formica countertops are resistant to many kinds of scratches, they are not scratch-proof.  That said, unlike other types of counters, which would have to be replaced after they had received minor damages (or undergo highly visible patch jobs), kitchen Formica countertops can be repaired through simple buffing or sanding for many types of surface damages.  It is recommended that a professional should perform these repairs to make sure that the kitchen Formica countertops keep their consistent appearance.

Reason 4: kitchen Formica countertops repairs are invisible

Even after kitchen Formica countertops have had scratches or scorches repaired, they will not have a scar left behind.  The reason for this is that the pattern and color of the material runs consistently right through its thickness.  Therefore, there is no mark left after a repair, even if a “plug” of the plastic is used to fill in a chip.  This ensures that even as the years pass, wear and tear will not decrease the appearance or value of your kitchen Formica countertops.  This is not only important to the visual appeal of your kitchen, but also the resale value of your home.

With only the slightest efforts to keep kitchen Formica countertops clean by using a wet, soapy cloth, you can easily maintain the professional appearance of this solid surface as well as the value of your investment into your home.

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