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February 15, 2020

The 6 Most Common Questions Asked About Installing Kitchen Granite Countertops 


kitchen granite countertopsThough kitchen granite countertops may seem like a relatively basic element to a home, if you’ve ever investigated their purchase and installation, it would not have taken long for you to discover that a number of questions begin to arise right from the very start.   The following are among the most common questions asked about the installation of these counters as well as the answers you’ve been seeking.

Question 1: Can any cabinets handle the weight of kitchen granite countertops?

Any standard cabinet and frame that has been properly  secured to the wall can easily manage kitchen granite countertops.  In fact, those counters place less stress on the cabinets than an average person sitting on a lighter surface such as vinyl.

Question 2: How do I get started with the installation of kitchen granite countertops?

Your first step is usually to measure the area that will be covered by the kitchen granite countertops.  These areas are measured in a similar way to just about any other type of solid surface.  To start, you’ll need to use a template for a pattern.  Therefore, before you can take your measurements, you must already have the base cabinets in place and permanently anchored.  These counters are generally installed by pros, who are typically hired by the manufacturer of the product itself.  This is important to note because installing them improperly by yourself in order to save money could lead to an improper installation which will void the manufacturer’s warranty and lead to damage to your kitchen granite countertops, your drawers, cabinets, sinks, or fixtures.

Question 3: How long does the installation of kitchen granite countertops usually take?

In most cases, from the original measurements to the completion of the project, it will take between three and four weeks to install the counter.  For this reason, you shouldn’t think that this will be something that you’ll have ready for a dinner party you’ll be holding this weekend.  That said, if there are any errors within the process of fabrication of the counter, or if any damage has occurred and the stone must be replaced, then it will take even more time.

Question 4: Are kitchen granite countertops fabricated a single piece?

Since the stone is typically sold in slabs that are a maximum of ten feet in length, kitchen granite countertops will usually include at least one seam.  Seams can help to keep the price of the entire project down, since the stone is sold only in pieces of a rectangular shape.  Seams can be placed in corners of L-shaped counters, or at a sink basin so that they are less noticeable.

Question 5: Is any kind of sink compatible with kitchen granite countertops?

There are two primary kinds of sink that can be used with this type of countertop.  They are known as drop-in sinks and under-mount sinks.  They can be made out of many types of materials such as stainless steel or composite. As you select your sink, you must first make certain that it will fit within the cabinet into which it will be installed.  This being said, your cabinet must always have a greater width than the sink; a sink with a width of 30 inches will not fit inside a cabinet that is 30 inches wide. Don’t forget that you’ll also need to make sure that there is enough room for your faucet and other fixtures and accessories to fit.

Question 6: Can a cook top be installed on this counter?

If you wish to mount a cook top onto kitchen granite countertops, then, like with the sink, you need to make sure that there is enough room within the cabinet beneath it to hold it and any of its associated pop-up vents.  If you will be using an existing cook top, remember that the thickness of the new countertop’s materials may not be the same as the old one and you may need to make some adjustments. You may also need to make additional allowances as the backsplash may also be thicker.

By taking the time to understand kitchen granite countertops, you’ll enjoy a much easier installation.

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