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August 09, 2020

A Variety Of Kitchen Island Designs To Select From

kitchen island designsWhich kitchen island designs are best suited to your kitchen? A kitchen island is a detached counter in the kitchen that allows easy access from all sides. It is not really a new concept although such islands have evolved with time.                

Nowadays it is a piece of classic kitchen furniture used for cooking activities and storage purposes among other uses. A variety of Kitchen island designs can be found in the market today.

There are various reasons why kitchen islands have become popular today.

First of all, they improve efficiency and function in your kitchen. They add kitchen working space and make cleaning up and preparation of food more social and convenient. They come in all shapes,  sizes and colors that add beauty to the kitchen. 

<==For example, check out this short video that shows a variety of kitchen island designs in beautiful kitchens. (Note: We are not affiliated with the company mentioned in the video, nor are we promoting their service. These are just examples.)

Some of the kitchen island designs are multi-level designs. Such kitchen island designs are elaborate and custom-built and incorporate eating areas, food preparation areas and wine racks. Such designs may include granite or marble counters which are good for rolling pastry and baking.

They may also have a sink, cook-top and cabinets for storage. They could also have a second dishwasher, a small fridge, cookbook shelves, deep fryers, bar sink or a warming oven. Such islands may be designed with decorative touches to make them the focal point in the kitchen.

 Kitchen island designs can be classified also according to size. There are super size, large size, medium size or compact. The size depends mainly on the available space. There are also various shapes available including square and rectangle. The round shape is quite popular today due to its accessibility. The triangle shape has also been designed. The shape of the island depends on the primary set up of the kitchen.

Fixed Kitchen Island Designs

Some of the islands are fixed kitchen island designs. These are fixed to a particular place around your kitchen and are best suited for large kitchens. Also available are portable islands that have wheels to move them from one place to another if need be.

 These are good for medium sized or smaller kitchens. Folding kitchen island designs are also available and are suitable for people who need to use kitchen islands occasionally. Such kitchen island designs are also good for small kitchens or even for going camping.

A variety of kitchen island designs are available for customers to choose from. People may also buy customized designs to suit their personal requirements. People may also buy do-it-yourself designs which are easy to assemble at home.

All these islands add personality and elegance to your kitchen and are sometimes cheaper than remodeling the whole kitchen. Hopefully these tips about kitchen island designs will help you find the perfect island for your home.

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