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August 09, 2020

How to Use 5 Great Kitchen Island Ideas to Create Your Dream Renovation 


kitchen island ideasThe key to your dream renovation starts with truly fantastic kitchen island ideas.  These are simple concepts and pieces of inspiration that will turn simple furniture that you’ve purchased from a store or home renovation center into your very own unique piece that adds beauty and practicality to your décor. You can find great kitchen island ideas in lots of places, including magazines, friends, family, the internet, and especially in your own imagination.  For most people, getting started is the hardest part.  Worry no longer!  Here are a few kitchen island ideas to get you going.

Kitchen island ideas 1: Identify and match your room’s décor 

Your kitchen island ideas may be as complex or minimalistic as you wish, but you need to keep the bigger picture in mind for them to truly work.  There’s no harm in considering different features, styles, seating, or colors that will have the piece stand out a bit.  After all, it will be a central feature of the room.  However, the island is only a part of a whole, so you should remember to keep your kitchen island ideas limited to options that will work within your usable space as well as your décor.

Kitchen island ideas 2: Get the most out of the materials

One of the most practical kitchen island ideas you can use involves applying several different materials to the countertop so that you will have a number of types of usable surfaces.  For example, you may have a maple or cherry wood area for the breakfast bar, a granite countertop for the primary workspace, and a butcher’s block for the chopping and prep area.  You could use all of these elements, only a couple, or add more for visual interest as well as practicality.

Kitchen island ideas 3: Think in multiple dimensions 

Don’t hesitate to add a second level to your kitchen island ideas.  This is what you'll discover among kitchen islands with breakfast bar. By adding a raised breakfast bar area, your island will appear more dynamic and you’ll add to its functionality by being able to use this central piece as a table with chairs or stools for seating.

Kitchen island ideas 4: Add features

There are many different features that can be added to your kitchen island ideas.  For instance, think about including under-counter shelving with a drawer and shelves for lots of extra storage in your kitchen.  You could also add attractive elements such as a wine rack, knife block and a towel bar that provide handy access as well as appeal.

Kitchen island ideas 5: Don’t limit yourself to the fixed rectangle

Kitchens come in many shapes and sizes, from long and narrow to L-shaped.  No matter what your room layout might be, there are kitchen island ideas that will suit your style and needs.  Though the standard for these kitchen island tables may be rectangle, you needn’t stop there.  Consider a piece on heavy-duty locking casters to give your island and your room greater versatility.  Think about an alternate or custom-made shape, such as a round, wedge-shaped, square, or wedge-shaped island, so that will better suit the space.

With enough imagination, you’ll be able to use your kitchen island ideas to come up with the precise piece that you’ve been seeking as a part of your dream home improvement project.

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