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August 09, 2020

5 Steps to Design Your Custom Kitchen Island Tables 


kitchen island tablesBeing able to create your own kitchen island tables is a great way to provide yourself with beautiful, practical, custom-made furniture that will suit your precise room size, décor, taste, and your expectations for features.  Kitchen island tables offer more countertop space, more surface area in which to work, and a greater storage opportunity; all elements from which any kitchen can benefit.  That said, they’re also great looking!  Use the following steps to take on a home improvement design project that will change the way you see your kitchen.

Step 1: Measure the room

Carefully measure your kitchen, twice, and use graph  paper to lay out the design of the space, working to scale, with a drawing as large as the page will allow.  This will let you to properly gauge the size and dimensions of kitchen island tables that could fit the area.  Remember that you will need to make sure that there is enough space to be able to walk around the piece, and to work comfortably on its surface.  On average, 36 inches from the edge of the island’s counter to any wall or other fixed piece in the room is about right.  If you want to add seating, you will need more space than that. Never forget to work in enough clearance for appliance and cupboard doors to fully open.

Step 2:  Add kitchen island tables to the graph paper

Add different sized kitchen island tables to the drawing of the room and carefully imagine the way that each will function within the space when placed in various positions.  Always make sure that your home’s primary cook is involved in this process, since you will want to make certain that this piece of furniture adds to the cooking experience and doesn’t take away from it.  Keep in mind that kitchen island tables should be no narrower than 24 inches.

Step 3: Choose your material

The most common material for kitchen island tables is wood, though granite countertops are increasing in popularity as a surface material and there are also a growing number of attractive vinyl countertop options becoming available that will help you to save some money.  Some elements can also be constructed out of wrought iron, as well as hardware in different metals (such as stainless steel, brass, or nickel) and treatments (such as brushed or antiqued). There are many different types of hardwood that you could use.  Maple and cherry are among the most popular for kitchen island tables.  The trick is to try to match the wood in the rest of your kitchen to within a shade or two.  Otherwise, the piece won’t seem to suit the rest of your room’s décor.

Step 4: Select the kitchen island tables design and features you want

Kitchen island tables can include many different features – both practical and attractive – from shelves to a wine rack or a towel bar.  Create a plan that includes each new element, its dimensions and where it will be positioned within the kitchen island tables.  When in doubt, speak to a professional at a home improvement store or a custom designer, who will be able to give you some handy design advice.

Step 5: Shop around for the right place to buy

Now that you have the design for your custom-made kitchen island tables, it’s time to find someone who can build it for you.  This is possibly the most important step in the entire process.  Make sure that you find a company that will not only offer you a good price, but that can also show you samples of previous work, that has references that you can contact, and that uses good quality materials and assembly techniques.  Choose someone who is capable of not only using your design as-is, but who is also willing to discuss various additional options to improve the design of the piece, rework it to better use your money, or simply add that additional professional touch that only experience can provide.

Once you’ve selected the custom designer for your kitchen island tables, all you need to do is arrange delivery and have some people over to show off your new furniture!

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