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August 09, 2020

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Kitchen Islands With Breakfast Bar 


kitchen islands with breakfast bar When you are considering the addition of kitchen islands with breakfast bar to your home renovation project, there are a number of questions that you should ask to ensure that you will be selecting the ideal piece for your expectations and to match your décor.  After all, kitchen islands with breakfast bar will easily be the central element in the room and will be a significant investment into the space.  Use the following questions to help better understand this type of furniture and the role it will play in your home improvement efforts.

Question 1:  Why do you need kitchen islands with breakfast bar?

Kitchen island designs with breakfast bar are an automatic focal point to the overall décor in the room.  Whenever you, your family, or a guest enters the space, it will be the first thing that attracts the eye.  When it has been properly matched to the rest of the kitchen, it can make an improvement to the room’s overall aesthetics that couldn’t be achieved by any other type of furniture.  Beyond visual appeal, kitchen islands with breakfast bar also provide dynamic functionality, with work areas that are accessible from all sides, as well as a place for sitting, socializing, and eating.  Nothing else can add this many features to your kitchen all by itself.

Question 2:  How much space do you need for kitchen islands with breakfast bar?

Kitchen islands with breakfast bar come in many different shapes and sizes, or you can decide to have one custom-made so that you can choose the precise dimensions for your unique space.  That said, there is a rule of thumb that states that you will need a minimum of three feet from all edges of the countertop to any other counters, walls, appliances, or other fixed pieces.  This will make sure that traffic will flow comfortably through the room, appliance and cupboard doors will open all the way, chairs and stools will fit when in use for seating, and there will be fewer “collisions” when more than one person is using the room.

Question 3:  What are the correct dimensions for kitchen islands with breakfast bar?

There is no single answer that will determine the right size of kitchen islands with breakfast bar for your space.  This should be gauged by the dimensions of the room and the available area within it.  That said, most home improvement experts will tell you that it should be at least 4 feet long and 2 feet wide in order to make the island properly useable.

Question 4: What countertop material should you choose for kitchen islands with breakfast bar?

Wood, vinyl, and stone such as granite are the most commonly preferred countertop materials for kitchen islands with breakfast bar.  Your choice should be made based on your budget, the look you wish to achieve, and the durability of your selection.  Remember that you will want to make sure that it is a surface that is heat resistant and will not be easily marked or damaged, since it will be used as a practical workspace.

With these most common questions answered, you’re ready to head out and start looking at the various kitchen islands with breakfast bar that suit your budget, expectations, and décor.

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