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June 29, 2020

How to Prepare for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project


kitchen remodelingWhen you have decided to go full steam head with your kitchen remodeling project, it is important to have yourself, your family, and the room ready for everything that is about to occur. The kitchen remodeling itself will take a certain length of time – depending on how much you are having done – and will mean that you will not be able to use your kitchen throughout that period.  Moreover, you need to be ready in case your kitchen remodeling effort runs into delays – which are quite common in the kitchen renovation industry. 

Anything from having products or materials delivered later than scheduled to having the wrong products, damaged products, or missing parts arrive can easily happen.  To ensure the smoothest kitchen renovation, make sure that the room is effectively prepared and that your home is ready for a great deal of foot traffic, dust, and the lack of a sink and a place to prepare food.  You may also wish to speak to your kitchen remodeling contractor about anything that will help to speed and ease the process, and to make it more pleasant for yourself and your family.  They may include the following:

Know the Kitchen Remodeling Schedule and Timeline

Before the construction even begins, you should speak with your kitchen remodel contractor to obtain a schedule so that you will know what renovations will be happening, and when.  It will give you an idea of what will be out of commission, for how long, and what people you can expect to be present in your home.  

Make sure that you know whether the kitchen remodeling will need to wait for products to arrive, or whether demolition will begin right away.  Though you may be keen to have work start right away, in the long run, you will likely enjoy having your kitchen usable and intact for as much time as possible. 

Understand Your Responsibilities

You should also check with the kitchen remodeling professional to verify that there aren’t any specific tasks that are your responsibility – not that of the contractor – and that will cause delays if you have not completed in time.  This often includes issues such as obtaining the necessary permits for home kitchen remodeling work, mechanical, electrical, and building. All of these must be in place before the work can begin.  Before the materials start to arrive, make sure that you have somewhere to store them until it’s time for their installation.  Check with the contractor whether they will be using their own warehouse area or if you will need to provide some space. 

Clear out your possessions

Since you will need to take items out of your kitchen to get them out of the way and to protect them from damage and dust, you will want to obtain some sturdy, clean boxes ahead of time.  Then, make sure that you do actually use those boxes and pack up everything that needs to be removed, including the items on the surface of your kitchen countertops, as well as anything hanging on the walls of that room and neighboring rooms (as vibrations from work might knock them down or break them). 

If your kitchen countertop or cabinetry is being replaced, start removing the contents of the relevant cabinets well in advance in order of least used toward the most commonly used, so that by the time the day before arrives, you will have only the items you need for that specific day. 

Research disposal of old materials

If your kitchen remodel contractor will not be disposing of all of the old items being removed from your kitchen, such as countertops, cabinets, fixtures, etc., then you will need to make arrangements, yourself.  If you want to ensure environmentally friendly disposal is used to keep the used materials out of the landfill, then you will want to investigate local services that donate materials to salvage centers, or not-for-profit businesses that will use the materials for rehab projects.

By being properly prepared for your home kitchen remodeling project, you will be set for all of the changes that are about to occur, and will have made the proper arrangements to protect your belongings and manage your mealtimes in case of the unexpected.

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