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August 14, 2019

Do It Yourself Versus Hiring a Professional Kitchen Renovation Contractor

kitchen renovation contractorHiring a kitchen renovation contractor versus doing the job yourself is a decision that should not be made without a lot of thought. Kitchen remodeling projects are no small matter and should never be mistaken for something simple or easy.  Though you may be able to find books, websites, and videos that will give you instructions for the completion of any number of renovations, it is important to identify when you are able to do it yourself, and when it is time to call in a professional contractor. 

Unless you are actually trained and have a tremendous amount of experience in this type of project, the odds are that there will be a number of tasks that you will not be able to complete on your own. However, if you are keen to save a little bit of money on labor charges, there may be some things that you can do yourself. Consider the following about DIY kitchen renovation and hiring a professional kitchen renovation contractor to help you to decide whether you will be doing none, some, or all of the work.

The Pros and Cons of DIY

When it comes to DIY kitchen renovations, saving money is typically the main goal. However, while there are some benefits to doing the job yourself, there are some drawbacks, as well.

The benefits of doing your own home kitchen remodeling work include:

• Saving money on labor fees
• Knowing precisely what work was done
• Not having to spend time trying to find the ideal contractor with the right skills and price
• Not having to manage and work around the times of the renovation crew
• Knowing that you’ve done the job yourself

On the other hand, the drawbacks of making it a DIY experience include:

• The possibility that a plan will simply not be realistic
• A misunderstanding of all of the costs may mean that the total will be far more expensive than the estimate
• The risk of completing the job improperly
• An increased chance of injury
• The renovation will take a great deal longer, meaning that the kitchen will be out of commission for much longer, too.
• There is no guarantee or warranty on your work. If it fails, you will need to cover the full cost of fixing or replacing both the project and whatever damage it has caused.
• You may need to buy or rent expensive tools to complete certain jobs
• You may need to learn a great deal in order to accomplish a certain project, depending on your current skills and knowledge of the task.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Kitchen Renovation Contractor

Conversely, by hiring a professional kitchen renovation contractor, there are also some advantages and disadvantages that are worth your thought.

The advantages of using a kitchen renovation contractor include:

• Knowing that the job will be done well.
• Having a kitchen renovated according to laws and regulations
• Enjoying a faster renovation which means that your kitchen will be usable much sooner
• Not having to actually do the work
• Knowing that the kitchen has been renovated with the proper safety considerations in mind, to reduce the possibility of injury to yourself or the contractor
• The chance to take advantage of contractor prices for materials
• The protection of a warranty in case any problems appear relating to the work that has been done
• All of the right tools will be provided and used by the contractor
• There is less of a chance of unexpected or unnecessary additional expenses
• You may be able to find a contractor that offers a payment plan or financing, which will mean that the project will be much easier on your credit score

Among the disadvantages of using a kitchen renovation contractor are:

• That you will need to take great care to choose the right kitchen renovation contractor in order to avoid being overcharged or scammed
• That you will need to pay notably more for the completion of the project as a result of labor charges
• That it may be difficult to find an expert who specializes specifically in kitchen renovations as opposed to a general contractor

By doing your homework and understanding the pros and cons of DIY kitchen renovations and those of hiring a kitchen renovation contractor, you’ll be much more prepared to make the right choice.


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