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June 29, 2020

How to Decide Between Kitchen Solid Surface Countertops and Granite 


kitchen solid surface countertops A kitchen renovation that involves solid surface countertops can be very exciting, but it involves a large number of major decisions that will help to determine how much value you will be adding to the space – in terms of practicality, enjoyment, and as a financial investment.  One of the main decisions that homeowners often face is whether man-made kitchen solid surface countertops are truly the right option, or if another leading high end natural stone counter would be more appropriate. 

To make sure that you will be making the right choice for your own remodeling when you select kitchen solid surface countertops, do some comparisons with the other contenders ahead of time. Here is how you can compare  kitchen solid surface countertops with one of its main competitors, granite.

Kitchen solid surface countertops vs. granite: start with the material itself

Granite is a natural stone that is mined from rock quarries and is then cut into slabs.  It is among the hardest stones used for counter surfaces.

Kitchen solid surface countertops, on the other hand, are made out of a man-made blend of high performance polymers that are blended with natural minerals.  Additives, fillers, and color pigments are mixed in to add durability and the desired appearance before the substance is poured into a mold and then cured.  It may or may not have a natural appearance, depending on the style you select.

Kitchen solid surface countertops vs. granite: compare the cost with your budget

The price of granite has a very wide range, as many different factors contribute to its total.  This includes the quality of the stone, the rareness of its pattern and color, the cutting and edge that is selected, the shipping, and the individual seller’s markup.  Furthermore, as granite counters must have a professional installation, there is usually an additional fee to consider there, as well.  On average, you can usually expect the installed price to be between $70 to $100 per square foot or more.

The price of kitchen solid surface countertops is based on the grade of the material used, depending on the type of mineral particles contained within the counter, as well as the size of those pieces.  The higher the grade, the closer the appearance kitchen solid surface countertops will have to granite, but the higher the cost of that sheet, as well.  The kitchen solid surface countertops in solid colors have fewer mineral particles and do not resemble natural stone.  Like granite, these also require professional installation, which adds to the total cost.  Installed, kitchen solid surface countertops will generally fall within the range of $40 to $90 per square foot, or more.

Kitchen solid surface countertops vs. granite: look into the required maintenance 

Granite counters are either sealed when they are manufactured or will need to be sealed once they are installed.  That said, in order to keep them protected from chips, scratches, scorching, and stains, you will need to have the slab resealed every few years. A soapy cloth is enough to keep these counters clean.

Kitchen solid surface countertops never need to be treated or sealed and can be cleaned with a soapy cloth or a mild kitchen cleaning solution.  Though mild scratches, scorches, or scuffs could occur over time, they can typically be rubbed or buffed away.

Though both kitchen solid surface countertops and granite are beautiful, practical options for your kitchen, the differences between the two should help you to make the decision as to which will be the best investment for your home.

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