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August 14, 2019

Today’s Top Kitchen Style Ideas


kitchen styleIf you are a homeowner considering a new kitchen style, then you have many options from which to choose. Though there have been dozens, if not hundreds of kitchen styles that have come and gone over the years, there are a number of classic styles that have maintained their place over the years and that have a particular amount of popularity right now. The following are the top kitchen style options that you may wish to consider before you decide on your own kitchen remodeling project.

The Traditional Kitchen Style

The traditional kitchen style is one that is continually in fashion.  It has smooth lines, curved edges, and an overall comfortable feel.  This style of kitchen most frequently starts with a foundation of wood cabinetry.  Corners are usually at right angles and have corner arches.  Crown moldings and ceiling caissons also add to this style.  Classic and neutral colors are used for the background of a traditional kitchen, including taupe, brown, beige, and cream. 

Lighting with lampshades in fabric, porcelain, or frosted glass should be suspended in classical lines.  Personalization and finishing touches depend on accessories such as plants, mirrors, baskets, and urns, arranged in an orderly or symmetrical way. If you’re looking for a cottage or country style kitchen, these are also some of the things you would consider.

The Contemporary Kitchen Style

The contemporary or modern kitchen style is one that should take in the latest colors and trends.  This is a style of kitchen that is continually changing in order to suit the most recent fashions.  It is consistent in its clean, smooth lines and crisp new materials.  The contemporary kitchen should have clear surfaces with little clutter, with lots of open space and light.  Preferable finishes include wood and glossy materials.  Sophisticated accessories work well for this style. 

Background colors include shades of grey and white either used in contrast or monochromatically.  They can be combined with trendy bright colors such as bright orange, electric blue, sunshine yellow, or some other types of neutral colors.  Often, neutrals are accented with bright accessories. Cabinet doors made out of frosted glass, melamine, or smooth wood should be used in a modern way.  Hardware of brushed nickel or steel, chrome, or stainless steel can complete the look.  Lighting should be efficient, such as above or below the cabinetry, track lighting, or recessed lighting, in reflective materials. A European style kitchen would incorporate lost of these elements.

The Rustic Kitchen Style

The rustic kitchen style is recognized by its inviting and warm atmosphere, based primarily on basic materials such as knotted wood, brick, and stone.  It often includes exposed beam and paneling in natural-looking wood. Rich, full colors make up the main palette for rustic kitchen styles, such as autumnal gold, green, yellow, and red.  Some pastel shades can complement the natural base. 

Accessories should be plentiful, such as baskets, earthenware jars, ceramic containers, candle holders, and oil lamps.  Hooks on the walls and ceiling can be used for storage of kitchen equipment in copper or cast iron.  Shelves can feature glass jars of spices, flour, sugar, pasta, and other kitchen necessities. Lighting can include brass fixtures, as well as those made out of cast iron, which are suspended. So these elements would fit with the popular Italian or  Tuscan style kitchen.

The Victorian Kitchen Style

A room that already has architectural details that appear to be Gothic-inspired, or that can be altered to appear this way, are the perfect basis for the Victorian kitchen style.  These features can include windows with dormers, pointed arches, or equilateral arches, as well as sloping roofs, high ceilings, and open beams.  Tooled and carved motifs are ideal for the Victorian kitchen on the ceiling, walls, and the cabinetry.  Cornices, moldings, caissons, and baseboards should all be highly decorative.  Dark solid wood such as oak should be used for the cabinetry. 

It should be accented with colors such as hunter green, yellow, aubergine, brown, or crimson red.  Wall paper with floral or fruit patterns can complete the effect.  Quaint and antique accessories should be featured on shelves and countertops, especially those with floral patterns.  Light fixtures in chandelier styles should be suspended, or wall sconces should flank large gilt frames. If you were going for an French kitchen style, you would incorporate some Victorian elements.

There are, of course, many other kitchen style options, but these are among the most popular and long-lasting that can keep your kitchen looking appealing and up to date for as long as possible.


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