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August 09, 2020

4 Reasons Why Large Kitchen Islands are a Great Investment 

large kitchen islands When you have the space available to fit large kitchen islands into your room, you have to make the decision as to whether or not you actually should.  After all, just because you have lots of room, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right to fill it all.  What are the benefits of large kitchen islands when compared to a smaller more standard sized unit?  Why should you absorb more of the open area of your room with this piece?  How will it be advantageous to you to sacrifice more of the kitchen to this single element?  There are actually many reasons that can answer all of these questions.  Some of them are as follows:


Reason #1: There’s more room on large kitchen islands for additional features

There are lots of different types of features that you can add to this type of unit, and when you have large kitchen island designs, then there is more room to work with.  You can also make sure that you’re getting the most out of each element that you do include.  For example, instead of limiting yourself to a smaller sink, you have the option of spreading out with a nice big double sink. 

Furthermore, though you should always have a minimum of 15 inches on either side of a sink to give it practicality, you needn’t settle for the smallest amount, but can instead give yourself lots of workspace around that feature.  Additionally, you don’t need to stop at a sink.  You’ll have the room to also include a cook top, a dish washer, a knife block, a butcher’s block, a wine rack, and just about anything else you could want to make this piece a practical one.

Reason #2:  You’ll have more workspace on large kitchen islands

If there’s one thing that any chef needs, it’s more workspace, and large kitchen islands offer that in much greater amounts than a smaller one ever could.  This means that you can have one very large workspace, or you can divide it into several smaller workspaces.  For example, you can have a nice big prep area that includes a butcher’s block, the actual cooking area with a cook top, and still have room for plating and meal assembly on the standard countertop.

Reason #3: Large kitchen islands provide much more storage space

Aside from workspace, storage space is the other highly sought-after element that most people want from their kitchens, and that large kitchen islands can provide that many times over.  From a nice big drawer to lots of shelving, storage cabinets are among the best uses for the space beneath the counter.  Finally, you’ll have room to store even your largest pots and pans, as well as that mound of small appliances that has been building up over the years.  Many people also like the fact that they can hang additional storage above their large kitchen islands, so that they can keep their most frequently used pots and pans, for example, in a place that is easily accessible.

Reason #4: Large kitchen islands have room for lots of seating and can replace the table

Even if you wouldn’t expect your kitchen to be big enough for large kitchen islands, keep in mind that they provide enough room for you to add an area with seating and eliminate the need for a table in the room.  Large kitchen islands can offer this function without sacrificing the workspace because there is enough room to do both.  You can choose whether you want the seating area to be level with the rest of the counter, or if you’d prefer raised breakfast bar-style large kitchen islands that divide the seating area from the workspace.

These are only a few of the reasons that large kitchen islands can make a big difference to your kitchen.  As long as there is lots of room to travel around them – preventing traffic jams of friends and family members – then large kitchen islands let you get the very most of what this room element has to offer.

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