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August 14, 2019

Choosing Counters Made from Maple Butcher Blocks in 4 Easy Steps


maple butcher blocksChoosing maple butcher blocks as a surface for your kitchen countertop is easy with the right 4 steps.  Maple butcher blocks have a very unique appearance and are much more durable than regular wood countertops and can be designed to match virtually any style, from country to contemporary.  Use the following steps to help you to know that you’re choosing the perfect maple butcher blocks counter.

Step 1: Pick the right shape for maple butcher blocks counters

 Though the number of possible shapes for maple butcher blocks counters are limited only by your imagination, there are three main overall shapes from which you can choose.  Those are:

  • Straight – these maple butcher blocks countertops are a straight line without curves or corners, typically following a single wall.
  • L-Shaped – these maple butcher blocks counters are two straight lines, connected at a right angle.  They are usually formed when two straight countertops meet at a corner.
  • U-Shaped – these maple butcher blocks surfaces are formed when three straight counters are connected at two corners.

Step 2: Choose the maple butcher blocks assembly type

When you choose maple butcher blocks countertops that are in the L-shape or U-shape, there are options for the assembly at the corners.  The three most popular are:

  • Square – This type of assembly for a countertop made out of maple butcher blocks uses two straight countertops, where the end of one meets the wall and the end of the other meets the side of the first.  The end of the second surface is at a 90 degree angle from the first, butted up against it.
  • 45º Angle – This type of assembly cuts the ends of the two surfaces at 45 degree angles.  Those diagonal ends are butted together to make the corner of the L- or U-shaped counters.
  • Workstation – This type of assembly adds an additional feature such as a sink.  The shape and the nature of the assembly will depend on the type of feature and its size.  Usually, it will have been constructed in three pieces.  The two straight counters, connected to the third corner peace which houses the workstation feature in the corner.

Step 3: Opt for a maple butcher blocks countertop end shape

Unless the end of your maple butcher blocks countertop meets a wall, you will need to decide on an end shape for the surface.  Among them, the most popular are:

  • Square –  This maple butcher blocks countertop has a basic, squared-off end.  This is the most practical end shape when you intend to be able to stand against the end and use the surface for food prep.  It is also a very good option for a contemporary look due to its clean lines.
  • 45º Angle -  This end shape allows the maple butcher blocks surface to have one corner cut off at a 45 degree angle.  This style can either cut the entire end, or it may just cut off the corner itself to soften the end without rounding it. 
  • Round – As the name suggests, this end shape is rounded off.  It also provides you with further customization, regarding the smoothness of the rounding, that is, the size of the radius.  It may be a very slight rounding, where the corners are smoothed down and the end appears almost flat, or it could give the end a half-circular appearance.

Step 4: Select the maple butcher blocks surface finish

The majority of maple butcher blocks surfaces will be used for food preparation, though you may be choosing this material for its look alone.  If the maple butcher blocks will not be used for food prep, a petroleum-based varnish is an easy finish choice that will protect the surface and will not need to be replaced.  However, if you will be using the maple butcher blocks counter for its designed purpose – cutting and chopping food – a natural oil or wax finish will be required.  This finish will need to be regularly replaced to ensure that it continues to protect the surface of the maple.

Follow these easy steps and you will have beautiful maple butcher blocks countertops that will suit both your needs and your kitchen décor.

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