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June 29, 2020

4 Reasons to Choose Marble Countertops for Your Kitchen Home Improvement 


marble countertopsMarble countertops are an elegant and luxurious form of natural stone surface that have been used for centuries as a result of their visual appeal and other features.  The stone itself is a metamorphic rock that results from the natural recrystalization  of the sedimentary rock called limestone, which is comprised of calcite and dolomite.  The result is a variety of different colors in its distinctive veining patterns. If you are thinking about a new natural stone counter installation, marble countertops are worth consideration as they can bring you a long list of benefits.

Reason 1:  the beauty of marble countertops is unequalled

Marble countertops come in a range of different colors and veining patterns, each of which have a beauty that is unique to that natural stone.  The appearance alone is not only attractive but also represents sophistication and elegance.  The color possibilities include everything from black, white, brown, or grey, to gold, pink, purple, and blue, in varying combinations.  The sheen and glossy surface is unparalleled by any other material.  The texture of the counter slab is completely soft and smooth to touch. Every piece of marble is completely unique.  When you buy your marble countertops, make sure that you buy all of the materials at once, to ensure the closest match throughout the length of the surface.

Reason 2: you can choose marble countertops from many sources worldwide

There are sources of marble all around the globe.  Each have their own specific looks and style.  Whether you prefer a certain look or a specific country of origin, you have lots of choice as to the source of your natural stone.  Your marble countertops could come from Italy, Great Britain, France, Spain, India, or even China, to name only a few.

Reason 3:  marble countertops are highly heat resistant

Marble countertops have an exceptionally high resistance to heat and are not a fire risk in the kitchen.  Though the stone would not be harmed by a hot pot or pan set upon it, the finish can be damaged.  Therefore, it is still recommended that a trivet or pot holder be used between any hot surface and the counter.  Sitting an object that is too hot onto the surface of marble countertops can cause the color of the surface of the counter to be permanently changed, usually darkening the surrounding area where the contact was made.  Once this happens, it cannot be repaired.  That said, it heat will not cause the stone to crack or break.

Reason 4: it is difficult to crack, break or scratch marble countertops

The natural stone of marble countertops makes them very resistant to cracks, breaking, and scratches.  Though they are not completely unbreakable, it would take a great deal of effort to cause any damage at all.  That said, the sealant used to finish the counters can be damaged if it is struck with too much force or gouged by a blade.  This type of damage to the finish can be repaired by having it professionally stripped and reapplied.

These are only the top few reasons that marble countertops make a functional and attractive addition to your kitchen and are an important feature to consider for your home improvement project.

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