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August 14, 2019

How to Buy Great Microwave Kitchen Carts 


microwave kitchen carts When you live in a house or apartment with a smaller kitchen, microwave kitchen carts can help you to solve the serious problem you face regarding a shortage of countertop space.  Just about every kitchen has a microwave oven, since it is an extremely handy appliance. Though it is a small appliance, it can still take up extra counter space that you don’t have – unless you have microwave kitchen carts.  In fact, many of these types of furniture hold not only the small ovens but also lots of other handy kitchen items such as toasters or coffee makers, that have take up too much room in your main kitchen workspace. 

Microwave kitchen carts are like adding to your kitchen a  small segment of counter, mounted on heavy duty casters or rubber casters that can hold small appliances and other important kitchen items. They can also provide extra space for food prep and cooking.  Though it isn’t hard to find this type of furniture in stores, it is important to know what you’re looking for so that you can spot a quality piece.  Remember that there is a major difference between finding a discount and finding furniture that is simply cheap. Use the following considerations to help you to make sure that you really are getting a great deal.

Have a look at the materials used for microwave kitchen carts

Microwave kitchen carts come in a number of different kinds of materials for the base as well as the counter.  These can range from marble and grey granite to solid wood such as maple, oak, and cherry.  You can even find them with 18/8 stainless steel elements.  Make sure that the materials are solid and strong as they will be much more appealing and will last a great deal longer than materials such as particleboard or composite materials.  Lower quality microwave kitchen carts will fall apart, buckle or even crack with time, needing to be replaced – which means that they weren’t found at such a great discount after all.

Examine the casters on the microwave kitchen carts

Look at the casters on any microwave kitchen carts you’re considering, to make sure that they are heavy duty metal or rubber casters that roll smoothly.  Don’t forget to check the weight limit to make sure that the items you plan to place on the cart, including your microwave, will not be too heavy for them.  Though your fruit bowl and small appliances may not seem heavy individually, their weight can quickly add up.  Take special care to look for casters that will lock safely into place because you want to be certain that the furniture isn’t going anywhere once you’ve rolled it into place.

Test the microwave kitchen carts, yourself

As you consider various microwave kitchen carts, don’t just look at them from a distance.  Touch them.  Step up to them and give them a test.  For example, pull out the drawers and push them back in to see how smooth they glide and how well they close.  Give any shelving or additional features – such as a towel bar, wine racks, hutch, cabinet doors, or drop leaf – a little jiggle to test their sturdiness.  Examine the drawer pulls and knobs.  Have a close look at the materials and the assembly to judge their quality as best you can and make sure that the joints are flush, the surfaces are level, and the entire piece of furniture looks satisfactory to you.  Does the unit give you a feeling of overall sturdiness and durability?  Or does it make you think that it will soon be one of those “special” or “quirky” pieces that you will need to treat in a certain way to make them work? If you have your doubts about the quality of some of the microwave kitchen carts you’ve seen, you should probably move on, as you could very well be right.

By taking these extra precautions to educate yourself about specific microwave kitchen carts you’re considering for your home, you can make certain that you will be purchasing a high quality piece that will serve you for years to come.

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