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August 14, 2019

5 Reasons You May Love Oak Kitchen Cabinets for Your Remodeling


Oak Kitchen CabinetsAmong the best ways that you can add value to your home is with a kitchen remodeling project that includes oak kitchen cabinets.  Though you may also decide to change your appliances or your countertops, oak kitchen cabinets will make a significant difference in the overall appeal of the decorating in your kitchen, the storage function of the room, and the impression that it will give to prospective homebuyers when you decide that it’s time to sell. 

Though there are many different types of materials for cabinetry, there are a number of reasons that oak kitchen cabinets are a top choice among homeowners.  Before you make your own final choice, be sure to have a look at  the following reasons that oak kitchen cabinets will make a difference to your remodeling that you will love.

Reason 1: the appearance of oak kitchen cabinets

The appearance of oak kitchen cabinets is a classic, warm, and attractive wood that has an especially appealing grain.  Though virtually all species of wood can be stained to achieve the color that you like the most, the visible grain of oak kitchen cabinets is different from all other species, no matter how they have been stained.  From quite light, to richer and darker colors, this material has a sophisticated, high quality, distinctive style.

Reason 2: the durability of oak kitchen cabinets

The durability of oak kitchen cabinets is based on the fact that they are manufactured out of hardwood that is very strong.  The density of this species is much greater than many other types.  To you, it means that by installing oak kitchen cabinets, you will have cabinetry that will last a very long time, while maintaining both its appearance and function.  In a room as heavily used as a kitchen, this is a very important consideration.  When this material has been appropriately sealed, it can easily withstand regular use, higher temperatures, steam, and spills. 

Reason 3: the versatility of oak kitchen cabinets

As the natural color of oak kitchen cabinets is quite light, with a steady grain, they are highly customizable.  They can be stained colors ranging from quite light, to very dark, to ensure that no matter what the decorating style of your home, the oak kitchen cabinets will be able to match it.  Moreover, oak kitchen cabinets are very easy to update along with the rest of your remodeling projects over the years, as they can be sanded down and then stained a new color.  This means that they will continue to suit your d├ęcor and will never go out of style.

Reason 4:  the resale value of oak kitchen cabinets

Oak has maintained its popularity for the construction of cabinetry and furniture in homes for many centuries and shows no signs of ever going out of fashion.  For this reason, they can always be worked into the latest trends, making it easier to give your kitchen a more classical style that will appeal to potential homebuyers.  Even after several years, well maintained oak kitchen cabinets will avoid becoming dated in appearance, especially if small changes are made, such as hardware, knobs, and pulls.

Reason 5: the price of oak kitchen cabinets

Though any hardwood cabinetry, including oak kitchen cabinets, comes with a larger price tag than, particleboard, for example, among solid woods the cost of oak is quite reasonable.  This is because the initial cost is lower than many other species of wood, and because the durability of oak allows it to maintain its appearance and function over a long time and will therefore not need to be replaced as quickly. Therefore, both its immediate and long-term costs are kept much lower than those for many other materials.

The next time you are ready for a remodeling project, make sure that you keep the reasons to consider oak kitchen cabinets in mind.  As there are so many materials, you may find that this choice makes several of your other final decisions much easier.

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