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August 14, 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Prefab Granite Countertops 


prefab granite countertopsA new development in kitchen counters includes prefab granite countertops, which allow you to take advantage of the beauty and durability of this natural stone, but at a more affordable cost.  These options are not a replacement for traditional slab counters, but should instead be considered a basic cost-effective alternative that minimizes the labor and waste that are typical in the standard fabrication process. 

In fact, prefab granite countertops will generally reduce the amount of waste material by about thirty to fifty percent, including those with finished backsplashes and profiled or bullnose finished edges.  They can even be the basis for custom projects with any specifications.  But  those are only the start of the reasons that prefab granite countertops are highly appealing.

Reason 1: Prefab granite countertops cut out the extra costs

The main reason that these natural stone surfaces are so pricey isn’t just the cost of materials.  Much of the final price tag is a result of the number of times that the product exchanges hands in order to undergo the various purchasing and manufacturing processes, higher domestic labor costs, and waste.  Since much of the process of creating prefab granite countertops is done at or near the quarry, many of these steps are skipped, keeping the final price down.

Reason 2: Prefab granite countertops offer faster and easier installation

Kitchen designs that include the installation of prefabricated granite countertop will take much less time and effort.  As they have been prefabricated, they are ready to be installed from the time they arrive at your home.  This also allows for more efficiency with measurements and more precision in material usage.  This benefit also allows you to keep the total price low because it is cheaper than buying individual materials.

Reason 3: Prefab granite countertops provide easier comparison shopping

Since prefab granite countertops combine mass production with being custom made, it is easier to compare the natural stone and final product from one company to another, and to compare the estimates that they are offering.  The nature of prefab granite countertops reduces the number of factors that need to be considered, making your task far less daunting.  Your main decision is reduced to three primary factors: the quality of the natural stone, the proper installation, and the final cost.

Reason 4: Prefab granite countertops provide ease of delivery

A good quality seller of prefab granite countertops will usually insist on making the delivery of the product themselves.  This is not only convenient for you, but it also means that if any damage occurs to this natural stone, it is their responsibility right up until it has reached your home.  Be sure to check it over carefully for damage once it has been delivered, no matter whether you are installing it, or you are having a professional do the job.

Reason 5: Prefab granite countertops are easy to install 

Whether you have hired a professional to install your prefab granite countertops, or whether it will be your latest DIY project, the installation of the prefabricated unit is much cheaper and easier to accomplish than working with the basic natural stone slabs.

By deciding on prefab granite countertops for your kitchen, you can not only choose all of the same custom preferences that you would have wanted with a traditional counter made in that natural stone, but at a fraction of the price.

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