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August 14, 2019

4 Reasons Why Prefab Marble Countertops are Gaining in Popularity 


prefab marble countertopsPrefab marble countertops have traditionally been most commonly used within the real estate construction industry.  This is because they are attractive and durable and are ready to be installed in the residential building as soon as they are ordered.  These days, the demand for these prefab marble countertops is increasing because of the addition of a new market: the homeowner with kitchen remodeling projects.  Customers buying prefab marble countertops are making this choice over custom marble counters for a number of reasons.  These include the following:

Reason 1 for choosing prefab marble countertops: speed

Prefab marble countertops are already made, so they’re set to be delivered to your home and installed almost right away.  Instead of having to create the piece according to specifications using a stone slab, the sheet of natural stone is ready to be trimmed to fit the space and can be installed onto the existing cabinetry.  This dramatically reduces the waiting time between when the counter was first ordered and when it is ready to be used in the new kitchen décor.

Reason 2 for choosing prefab marble countertops: durability 

Prefab marble countertops are just as durable as those that have been custom made from the same natural stone.  They are extremely difficult to crack or break, though they do need to be sealed on a yearly basis to protect their highly porous surface.  Among prefab marble countertops, this sealant has already been applied for the first time, saving the homeowner the additional effort or wait time.  Once installed, that sealant must be treated carefully so that it is not burned or scratched.  If the surface is burned - for example, if a hot pot is set onto it – it can scorch the actual surface of the stone and change its color, darkening in the location of the burn.  That said, the stone is virtually impossible to scratch. If the sealant happens to be scratched, it can be repaired by having it professionally removed and replaced.

Reason 3 for choosing prefab marble countertops: variety of color and pattern

Many people who include prefab marble countertops in their home improvement projects appreciate that while the slabs are already set to be trimmed and installed, there is still a range of choice regarding the color and pattern of the natural stone.  This allows the homeowner to find one that matches their décor while suiting their personal style and taste. No matter what finished product the homeowner would like, there are usually prefab marble countertops in a color and veining that will fit their design.

Reason 4 for choosing prefab marble countertops: price

Because prefab marble countertops are already manufactured as opposed to being custom created, they are notably less expensive.  As they are a surface that must be installed by a skilled professional, and the natural stone is one of the higher end counter surface materials, any opportunity to save money is usually welcome.  On average, the savings from choosing prefab marble countertops starts at between 5 and 10 percent, though that varies based on the company, the quality of the materials, the rarity of the stone, and whether or not the company fabricates their own stone counters or orders them in after they have been manufactured elsewhere.

There are many advantages to choosing prefab marble countertops, and the home improvement marketplace is starting to recognize this fact.  As these surfaces increase in popularity, their selection and availability will continue to grow, and their prices will continue to fall.

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