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August 14, 2019

A 4-Step Guide for Estimating Quartz Countertop Pricing 


quartz countertop pricingCalculating quartz countertop pricing is a tricky business, as there is a long list of different factors that contribute to the final total.  What makes it even more challenging is that all of these costs are variable, meaning not set in stone – so to speak.  Therefore, as you try to estimate how much the quartz countertop pricing will be for your kitchen remodeling, remember that you will only be able to arrive at a general idea, and not a precise number. 

Though this can be frustrating when it comes to trying to decide if this natural stone will fit within your budget, the upside is that it provides you with a number of different ways to save, as well. In fact, by paying attention to the  factors over which you have control, you could save 15 to 20 percent off the total cost of your final installation.  Use the following steps to give yourself an idea of the engineered quartz countertop pricing for your project. (Note: 100% all-natural quartz stone countertop slabs are quite rare and very expensive.)

Quartz countertop pricing step 1: know how much material you’ll need

The starting point to knowing the engineered quartz countertop pricing for your kitchen remodeling is to know how many square feet of material you’ll need.  If you already have counters in place and you want the new ones to be the same size, this can make the process a little bit easier.  Use the following steps to get an idea of how much will be needed:

  • Measure the full length of all of the counter space you’ll be replacing.  Make your measurements as precise as possible.
  • Measure the width of your counters.  Again, try to be as accurate as you can.  When in doubt, err to the side of too much material as opposed to too little.  An installer can always cut some away, but will not be able to add to a piece that is too short.
  • Add all of your lengths together and then all of your widths together.  Multiply these two sums and you will have your total of square inches for the amount of needed quartz.  Convert that into square feet, by dividing your total by 144.  That final quotient will be what you need to calculate your quartz countertop pricing.

Quartz countertop pricing step 2:  comparison shop for materials 

Start contacting businesses that sell and install this material to ask about their quartz countertop pricing.  The prices will vary rather widely, which will allow you to rule out some that appear to be excessively high or unrealistically low.  To save a little bit more, look for clearances, sales, and discontinued lots.  Vendors that fabricate and repair the countertops on-site will often sell material for 4.5 to 7.5 percent cheaper.

Quartz countertop pricing step 3: factor in the installation fee 

You will also need to work the installation fee into your quartz countertop pricing, as this is not a counter that is conducive to being a DIY project.  These prices will often fluctuate as much as the price of the natural stone as you compare one company’s fees to the next.  You should usually expect that the installed quartz countertop pricing should fall somewhere between $60 to $100 per square foot, but should not exceed $120 per square foot.  Keep in mind that this doesn’t always include the backsplash.  You may get a discount here if you order the installation during the vendor’s slow season.

(Note: While the vast majority of engineered quartz countertops are made from about 93% ground natural quartz plus resins and additives to further strengthen them, there is a version that consists of larger unique semi-precious stones. This option can easily run you $400 per square foot or more depending on the size and quality of the stones. But don’t even think about choosing among natural continuous slabs like might do for granite kitchen countertops. They’re rare.)

Quartz countertop pricing step 4: choose your extras wisely

There are many extra features that you can choose for these surfaces that can rapidly add up in their additional costs.  If you absolutely love the additional feature – such as the rare color or the decorative edge – then it may be well worth the hike in the quartz countertop pricing and the extra 3.5 to 11 percent in installation costs for complex shapes or layouts.  However, if you’re looking to install a counter out of this material with the best quartz countertop pricing, then leaving out extras are the easiest place to save.

Give yourself time to shop and compare and you’ll be able to find the best quartz countertop pricing for your kitchen remodeling.

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