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August 14, 2019

A Review of Your Choices for Quartz Countertop Colors 


quartz countertops colorsQuartz countertops colors are surprisingly wide-reaching due to the way that the counters are manufactured.  That said, the natural stone itself also comes in a wide variety of shades and hues.  With the combination of the crystals themselves and the dyes added to the polymer resins used for bonding the engineered stone surfaces, you can be sure to find quartz countertops colors that will perfectly suit your taste and décor.  To help you to narrow down your own choices, have a look at the most popular quartz countertop colors picks.

Quartz countertops colors: the different shades of whites

The shades of white available in quartz countertops colors range from a bright crisp white to a soft light cream. You can also find various patterns in white quartz countertops colors, from a solid white surface, to white with speckles of blue, grey, or even red, which you might enjoy depending on the décor of your kitchen, as well as your own personal taste.  That said, you can do the same thing with off white or cream shades, or can find options with little brown speckles to give the overall look a fullness and richness.

Quartz countertops colors: the range of blacks to grays

Just as is the case with the white quartz countertops colors, black and gray shades are also available in solids or in speckles.  Common choices include a solid jet black sheet, or a deep black with white, green, or brown that add a depth and character to the appearance.  For something less striking in terms of darkness, combinations of gray ranging from charcoal to almost white are readily available.

Quartz countertops colors: the earthy brown hues

If you’re seeking a more earthy or neutral look from your quartz countertops colors, then browns will be a good option to consider.  They blend very well with wood cabinets that are either natural or stained.  Brown quartz countertops colors are quite popular due to their wide range of different hues.  They can range from colors as dark as coffee or dark chocolate, to medium browns speckled with gold, or more pale taupe or beige colors.  If you’d like custom quartz countertops colors, simply bring one of your cabinet doors to the fabricator and they will be able to match them or contrast them to your specifications.

Quartz countertops colors:  natural blues and greens

For quartz countertops colors that are subtle but still have a bit of pop, blue and green are often the options of choice.  More bold selections in these shades include lime green, lavender, royal blue, and forest green.  For a gentler indication of these hues, speckling the green and blue into other colors will give them a presence, but one that is less obvious.  A rich midnight blue can be established by adding blue speckles to a black countertop.  That said, the deep forest green is achieved by adding green speckles to black.

Quartz countertops colors: playful colors

If the quartz countertops colors you want are more playful than subtle, then you can have any number of custom colors made up for your kitchen décor.  These may be slightly more expensive because many companies will not keep them in their warehouses or stores, but they can be ordered or created to add a burst of fun color to your kitchen.  They can include red, coral, hot pink, purple, yellow, or bright green, among others.  For a truly customized piece, bring in a sample of a color that you love, and the company may be able to match it for you.  Be careful if you consider using photographs, as the image may not be exactly true to the color in real life – especially with digital photographs on screens or printouts.

No matter the style you’d like to achieve in your kitchen, quartz countertops colors have the versatility and range to offer the shades you’d like in as subtle or as bold as you want.  

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