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August 14, 2019

What are Reclaimed Glass Countertops? 


reclaimed glass countertops Reclaimed glass countertops are environmentally friendly surfaces that are becoming extremely popular due to their green nature as well as the fact that they rival many high end luxury counter surfaces in durability and elegance.  They are nontoxic, stylish, and contribute to an eco-friendly kitchen remodeling.  Though reclaimed glass countertops are not yet tremendously well known, they are growing in their recognition due to their many different features, such as being strong, non porous, solid, and highly appealing.  Read on and get to know more about reclaimed glass countertops and how they can contribute to your own kitchen renovation project.


The characteristics of reclaimed glass countertops

Reclaimed glass countertops are the perfect match to a kitchen being designed in a modern, contemporary, retro, eclectic, or eco-friendly style.  They come in a virtually endless range of different colors, and you can choose either clear, a single color, or mixed colors, with either translucent or opaque effects.  This versatility means that you can be certain to find the right reclaimed glass countertops for your unique taste and style. 

In terms of maintenance, reclaimed glass countertops are extremely easy.  It is recommended that you keep the surface clean with regular wiping using a cloth with soap or a nontoxic, nonabrasive cleaner.  To make sure that watermarks aren’t left behind, follow up with a dry towel.

The performance of reclaimed glass countertops is exceptional due to its high level of durability.  Because it is both strong and non porous, this gives reclaimed glass countertops an advantage over other popular countertops such as laminate, but also high end surfaces like marble or granite.  They are exceptionally difficult to stain, and they are resistant to heat up to 700 degrees.  These are both issues that cause struggles with natural stone and laminate.

The installation of reclaimed glass countertops

Because reclaimed glass countertops are created in a single seamless piece, it must be manufactured and installed by professionals.  Though this will cost a little bit more than some counters that can be installed by a talented do it yourselfer, it is well worth the price when you know that it has been done correctly for the requirements of this specific material and the thickness you have chosen.

Moreover, depending on the type of installation, different kinds of effects can be achieved.  A professional installer will be able to make certain that reclaimed glass countertops that are clear, translucent, opaque, curved, angled, or that have any other unique style or treatment, will be featured at their best.

Try to make sure that the installation comes with a warranty so that you can be certain that any problems that result from mistakes that were made by the installer will be covered.  Though the durability and strength of this surface does not make it highly prone to installation issues, it is better to be safe than sorry in the rare instance that a crack should appear.

The main advantages of reclaimed glass countertops

Though there are a tremendous number of advantages to having reclaimed glass countertops in your kitchen, some of those that are most celebrated by homeowners have to do with the combination of beauty and functionality, with the knowledge that you are making an environmentally friendly choice with repurposed materials.  The durability and appeal of these surfaces can be compared to the top forms of natural stone, such as granite and marble.  That said, they are also highly trendy and give both a crisp, clean style and a soft, warm elegance.

Once you get to know reclaimed glass countertops, it won’t take you long to fall in love with the difference they make for you, your home, and the environment.   Each piece has a past life of its own, and that will translate into a sophisticated yet sensible surface in your kitchen.

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